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  1. Been woken up this morning by the smell of burning. Having been outside the air across loxley valley has a haze to it and is full of vegetation smoke as though grass land has been on fire?
  2. They would still dance to it, if you put some Bass behind the track. They danced to 'Trip to Trumpton' and 'Sesame's Treat' in the 90's. Even the 'Rhubarb Theme' from the kid programme got a Remix... The good old days...
  3. Sat in backgarden reading and every now and again Rave Soundwave, being pushed along by the wind keep coming over Loxley... Altogether... Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box... Yeah...
  4. Due to the bad weather ( Rain / Cold etc.) They are starving as the cannot get to the flowers to feed, if it is raining. A mate of mine keeps Bee's and he was saying the other day, that he had a message from the Bee Keepers Association, instructing them to feed the bees with Sugar Water, which is something they only do through the Winter Months or times like now due to the bad weather. Sometimes bees can look dead but are just starving or dehydrated... Bees need looking after because without them, the world would not survive as a civilization due to the important part they play in our eco system..
  5. Hi All. I have the above Ghettoblaster in need of some New Cassette Drive Belts. Tried Maplin and looked on Ebay but really finding it hard to find what I need. Is there anyone on here that could help me or recommend someone who repairs this type of Audio Equipment. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend a really good place, where I can get my sons old Galaxt Tab Tablet repaired. I think the Charging Port is worn out so need replacing. Thanks.
  7. Kingfisher who own B&Q, have decided to close some of its B&Q Stores, to build up its Screwfix brand as they also own this. The 'D.I.Y Store Format' in general is dying and as most people will have noticed, Homebase is basically starting to disappear, as that too has become a money losing business for its owners ARG who also own Argos. They have tried to sell the Homebase business on but are struggling to find a buyer, that's why they have started to close the Homebase stores. Sign of the times again I think.
  8. All that the Sheffield City Councils - Parks Department - want to do is P*** People about. Look at the little business they have had in Hillsborough Park and good little businesses too. Where are they now??? - there is only so much crap that people will put up with.
  9. I don't know if anybody else has picked up on this but recently there seems to be a big push on the North end of sheffield. Ie. First the building of the Retail Park which that has certainly been abit of a white elephant. Then the building of the Asda at Chauser and the redevelopment of the buildings at the bottom of Herries Road Screwfix etc. Now the building of Sainsburys, its as though Sheffield City Council have a drive to try and lift that end of the City but how much have they made £££££ out of it?????
  10. The thing that gets me is going forward is all Councils year on year are going to find themselves with a short fall in Income from the British Government. Every Year, they are going to attack the frontline service with cuts and whether or not they increase the Council Tax, this alone, is just not the solution to the problem. Every Department in Sheffield City Council that can either pull in Investment or Revenue, 'without selling the Family Silver,' should be challenged with this as a Key Performance Indicator, so that the money can be pumped back into the system, of the once - World Leading, Great City and contribute say towards Gritting. If the Departments cannot do this, then questions need to be asked 'Why Not?' and replacements found for the roles that are capable of pulling in the Investments and Revenue no matter show small - As Tesco say's - Every little helps and that's true. The Day needs to come, where we just stop putting up with things and get the answers as to why things are not happening.
  11. The Farce with the Grit Bins and the None Existent Gritting is just another indication of the cut backs that Sheffield City Council is trying imposing on its Residents of Sheffield. Just weeks ago before Christmas, they made a statement saying that 'They were ready for any Snow Fall, unlike previous years where they have got caught out' - Home Goal Again by Sheffield City Council. I work with alot of Engineers who have served time in Switzerland working over there. They have told me that the policy there is, when the snow sets in you have to play your part and help clear it away. If you own a home, its your responsibility to do it and your also liable if you don't and someone slips - They've had that experience and worn the T-Shirt as you say. If you are unhappy with how the Snow has not been dealt with in your area, then instead of moaning about it on here, Contact Sheffield City Council Direct - Let Them Know What You Think and How Crap They Are. The more people that complain, the more that gets done. If councilors are not giving us Value For Money - because that's what Sheffield City Council keep telling us, 'Money is in Short Supply', then should the people who have the jobs to make the key decisions, like general safety in times of bad weather, keep their jobs???? - Health and Safety. It would be interesting to know, if where the Councilor who is named in this thread lives, did that get special treatment and get Gritted??? The more people that complain directly - The more that gets done.
  12. It's about time Sheffield City Council relised that handout from the government for local service etc. are a thing of the past. It is they who need to chase for the investment in sheffields future. Problem is none of them have any business sense, unless its in their own interest, that is to line their own bank balances.
  13. Noticed a stall in Hillsborough park bought a couple of things for the kids what a good idea, great to have something like this in the park the kids played for most of the day
  14. Hi, Does anyone know where I will be able to get small sheets of Kingspan Insulation, as all the places I have tried seem to just sell oversize sheets against what I need. Got some small jobs to do and wanting x5 pieces - 23" x 16" - so as you can see buying a large sheet would create unnecessary waste. Thanks, Jimi. Managed to get what I require - Thanks to everyone who replied.
  15. One of the major problems with Sheffield, like all other places, is the rates that the landlords are demanding from people, to lease the shops that are just sat boarded up at present. There was a guy recently on the Tv, who went out and bought 10 shops on his Local High Street because he was fed up seeing these shop falling into dis-repair. He had basic building work done on them, to bring them back up to standard, and then slashed the Lease Rates of the shops by Half, that the previous owner had demanded for them, so to get retailers back into them. He also managed, as to whom was going to take the shops, so to vary the retailers and not end up with x5 Hair Dressers and x5 Nail Bars. All 10 shops are now open to the public with various, different retailers and the footfall there, is now coming back to the high street. He is now hoping to do the same elsewhere.
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