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    Looking for a quote for the below jobs in Sheffield S10 Crookes area. - repointing chimney stack - repoint roof ridge tiles - repoint rear of house - repoint outhouse - replace old wooden guttering and join to neighbours down pipes. (Can get Guttering’s done as a separate job)


  2. I'll be honest I don't really see the demand for a rugby club here. Rugby is not massively popular in Sheffield compared to other sports and so I don't understand why the council would allow a rugby club to fence off a pitch so that nobody else could get full use of the site. I see youngsters play football matches on the site and also adults train. There is also the schools cross country running and the now very popular mini festivals that take place. There are a lot of questions to be answered and to be honest the public consultation has been non existent. I have no problems with a pitch and posts being setup but cannot and will not agree to any fencing. It has happened in other areas of Sheffield where clubs have gone back on their word and ended up locking supposed open to public fencing claiming damage etc. Yes the clubs may pay a fee to use it but we pay our council taxes too, I'd sooner see a couple of quid rise to pay for any maintenance work as if its anything like football the clubs pay the council peanuts.
  3. I can happily recommend jeff the joiner. I have been using him over the last 9 months to put new doors and skirting in every room as and when we had had them replastered. His work was of great quality and he is very reliable and trustworthy. Just left him a key so he could come while I was at work. Phone him on 07861379796.
  4. Jeff the joiner did a great job of fitting skirting in our house and has fitted several doors which had old uneven doorframes. Did a great Job and will be using in the future. Give him a call on 07861379796.
  5. We have 2 tiles that have slipped into the guttering of our terraced house in crookes. Relatively straight forward job. Looking to get these sorted asap.
  6. We have recently had a new bathroom put in and as part of this we had a sliding door removed. This has left a doorframe shell on the inside of the bathroom where the sliding door was previously. We require this to be tidied up/inner door frame replaced and a new door fitted. The part of the doorframe on the outside of the bathroom looks fine and shoudl not need replacing. We will supply the door just need some advice around best size to get as it might need alteration as current door frame size is 840 wide x 2000 high. Please see pics in links below http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y310/spdavison/P2200076.jpg http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y310/spdavison/P2200075.jpg http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y310/spdavison/P2200074.jpg http://i1024.photobucket.com/albums/y310/spdavison/P2200073.jpg
  7. Need an L-shaped worktop cutting and joining with an invisible joint, as well as holes for sink and hob.Will need small section cutting out for boxed in pipes in the corner, shouldn't be any complications. We will need this doing asap. Please see pics for details. worktop approx 2m x2.15m. Thanks Steve 07885790112
  8. Can anyone recommend a good UPVC glazier? At the moment its a toss up between Vision Windows Sheffield and The Great Big Window Company from Doncaster but can find little about them on the web. Anybody used them before and had good/bad experiences. Thanks
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