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  1. what leaving them on a better financial footing than when he found them, he's better than admin and the defunked board members
  2. ayup alex your gonna have to fight for your fishing hole tonight mate, they're all at it
  3. haa haa haa your hilarious, honest no keep it up please
  4. according to google maps the whole of sheffield is norton so lets leave it at that, lol
  5. same as chelsea when ken bates bought it, id love to be where they are in 5 years time...
  6. you were saying that about the chengdu blades and the copthorne hotel not long ago
  7. surely all the money he puts into SWFC he'll get back in the sale of the club, i dont pretend to know the ins and outs of football clubs finances nobody except the people involved can. In my eyes he was the best of a bad bunch and i'd rather have him anyday than the current board staying on or being forced into admin, now he's here why not give our full support, lets see where it takes us.
  8. it is compared to the £billions the government throws about:roll:
  9. dont you pay interest on one, and the other gets the cash back from the sale of the club
  10. heres a few exerps from the stock exchange announcment Shareholders will be asked to approve the sale of the Club to UKFI at an Extraordinary General Meeting, which will take place on 14th December 2010. Further details of this meeting will be sent to shareholders directly. The Board can confirm that it has already received irrevocable undertakings from 43.6% of the company's shareholders to vote in favour of the deal. In his dealings with the Board Mr Milan Mandaric has also made clear his intention to invest in all aspects of the Club, and that his aim is to see Sheffield Wednesday once again be a force in English football. "I give the supporters and everybody who cares for this club, an assurance that if shareholders vote in favour of this deal, then I will do everything in my power, working with Howard, Nick and Alan Irvine to again make Sheffield Wednesday a real force in English football."
  11. im under no illusions mate, i know as soon as he can make a tidy profit off SWFC he will and move onto the next target, but he always leaves clubs on a way better footing than when he found them. apparently 43.6% of private share holders have agreed to the takeover upto now, i reckon the other 6.4% are either in the attick gathering dust or abroad where it takes longer to reply. Does majority rule in this situation, i think so
  12. im not sure how admin pays out mate, i just went on the assumption that each debtor got around 10% of what they were owed
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