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  1. There is a retirement village at Woodhouse called Brunswick Gardens.
  2. I haven't got any recent experience of speech therapy. My daughter is no longer having speech therapy. We were very happy with the support she got at the time. The key to anything like this is to put the pressure on and not go away. At the time I spoke with speech therapy and I was very proactive ensuring I asked for help and asked their advice on how I could help my daughter at home. I felt that I was supported and encouraged. How old is your son? I would also recommend that you contact the Children's Communication Charity ICAN. They have lots of information and advice for parents. Speech therapy can be a long process, so early intervention is key.
  3. No Fox conceded the pen. He was shocking. Kept letting their player get wrong side of him. Lacked pace too.
  4. It definitely includes glass and plastic bottles. Not sure about tin cans. From memory I think the bottles have a 25 cent increase to the regular price which is refunded when the bottles are returned.
  5. The system in Germany is called the Pfand system (deposit system). The bottles are made a superior material which allows them to be reused upto 50 times.
  6. I usually report the full litter bins via the council website and they are pretty quick at coming and emptying them.
  7. There was one near us which was overflowing I contacted the council through the website and it was emptied a couple of days later.
  8. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything that will kill it off. As the previous post says you can weaken it but you'll never be rid of it. You just need to try and keep on top of it and keep it to a minimum. I have read that it's one of the first plants to grow back after a volcanic eruption! ---------- Post added 02-06-2018 at 23:17 ---------- Also just wanted to mention never put it on a compost pile. Best to keep it separately from other weeds and then burn it.
  9. I would recommend looking on UK Campsite as the other poster suggested. There are quite a few sites around Lincolnshire that fit the type of site you want. We stayed at Wood Farm near Stickney a few years ago. Pitched are right by the fishing lake.
  10. The bottom part Station Road at Halfway between Mosborough cross roads and the roundabout near the tram terminus has so many potholes, one is large enough to cause serious damage to cars or a serious accident. These have been reported numerous times by members via the council website. The recent bad weather hasn't helped but this should not have happened on a recently relaid road surface. It's also been reported to local Councilors who have highlighted the issues with Amey and the Cabinet Member but they haven't been repaired - yet!
  11. Whilst this is annoying I would rather people put bags of dog poo in my bin rather than leave it on the pavement outside of my house, any other house for that matter.
  12. I saw the very same thing this morning when I drove past the Grit Bin at the top of Occupation Lane.
  13. I know this thread was originally started as a warning about Lloyd's Bank. Overdraft charges can be a killer but in order to get out of living in OD it's important to try as much as possible to reduce monthly living costs. I work really good hard to do this by doing things like changing insurance companies ie car, buildings, contents every year. It's surprising how much you can save. There is no discount for loyalty! Try and change energy supplier to and always provide regular meter reading that way it's easier to keep tabs on how much you're using and you can make adjustments to your monthly DD if you are using more, that way you don't get stung with a big increase. Also look at what you are spending on food. Plan your weekly meals a head and shop frugally. Only buy what you really need. Instead of having a takeaway have a fakeaway it's much cheaper. It's surprising how much you can save.
  14. Filey gets my vote every time. Just don't tell everyone how nice it is, we don't want everyone going!
  15. It certainly depends on the time of day and which day of the week you visit. I often pop into Sainsbury's on my way to work and it's quite surprising how many parking spaces are taken by 7.45 when the majority of the shops aren't even open. I sometimes wonder who is parked in them at that time of the morning.
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