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  1. steve baxindale... for his continous effort to the music world
  2. just wondering if your overpaid one month can the company deduct the full amount from the following months pay even though this might leave you completly broke
  3. Has anyone used this software or has come across this through friends and family and know if they are as good as they says they are
  4. hi just noticed this congratulations to indizine. If u need ne help just give us a shout
  5. have you got any photos up of this night
  6. no outstanding debt but someone was saying that even though parents dont not want anything for it we would still require a mortgage??
  7. should be good let us know how it goes nice venue but dont it close at 1
  8. Can any one help me on this please My mates think recent changes in Paternity law allow the father the same right to have 6 months paid leave, I think its only 2 weeks. Can any one help and clear this up for us please Regards
  9. what si the procedure if your parents wish to gift you a house
  10. rnb and niche do attract a lot of trouble so i guess clubs do like to stay away from this type of scene. I know theres always different venues trying to start something and do well but once the idiots get to know start spoiling it for everyone. Vibe is a good club but a small minority of the clientelle are spoling it for everyone in there
  11. This is a fantastic idea however I've not been able to make it so far due to timing weekdays are very difficult if not impossible especially at that time. I dont mind helping with organising it but that would have to be for weekends only
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