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  1. Thank you so much to you both. I pass it almost every day but didn't think to research
  2. Hi. Does anyone know how much to refelt 6ft table which has been donated to our youth club please? Am in Sheffield
  3. Hi. Did you manage to find a teacher as I am looking for one for a youth group? Thanks
  4. Heritage Open Days is England's largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,500 organisations, 5,000 events and 40,000 volunteers. Every year for four days in September, places across the country throw open their doors to celebrate their heritage, community and history. It’s your chance to see hidden places and try out new experiences – and it’s all FREE. Heritage Open Days 2017 will be 7-10 September. New Testament Church of God next door to Aizlewood Mills, The Wicker is open 10-3 on FRI 8TH SEPT.
  5. I was behind the driver of a 4x4 BMW this morning which had stopped NEAR the traffic lights on Ecclesall Rd South. The driver seemed to be on the mobile phone and was unaware the lights had changed. I blew my horn and she was so engrossed she looked around to see who had done this and continued on the phone. If you can afford to run such a big car Reg YF15 *** then surely you can afford a handsfree kit!!! Come on, get with it. Look at the News on the tv and see how many people have been killed because of thoughtless drivers on mobile phones.
  6. I notice there has been a lot of tidying up on the green spaces up there. Does anyone know whether there are any new houses going to be erected in the near future?
  7. Paul from PAD Finance 07968 365722. Very very good
  8. Hi There's a lady called Priya in the Castle Market, a little Thai seamstress; made bridesmaid dresses for a wedding which were great. Try her. You can even design it and she will make it.
  9. There were quite a few buses missing on New Yrs Eve and because of this my son called me out to pick him up from town and as I remember correctly it was windy and torrential downpour. He had been waiting for the bus for quite a while, plus there were 2 young girls wanting to get home to Low Edges and their bus hadn't turned up either, they were aged about 9 and 11 yrs old. They were quite upset as they didn't know how they were going to get home. My son asked them if they had mobiles - negative; have you got your parents mobile nos - negative. As my son has a niece who is 12 yrs old, he couldn't leave them in town on their own as they were distressed so he asked them to follow him to an ATM, (which they did following quite a few paces behind which was wise of them) and he withdrew money and paid a cab driver to take them home. My question is: Where were the parents of these children firstly and secondly were they aware these children were in town on their own. Thirdly, if my son had been some kind of pedophile they would have been abducted. PARENTS, WAKE UP. FIND OUT WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE AND TAKE CARE OF THEM. THE PEOPLE THESE DAYS ARE SO EVIL, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD.
  10. Ponds Forge Skyline Suite. Absolutely beautiful place, food and catering managers Sue and Mark. Get in touch with them. They will even give you a taster session of the food. When they finish decorating the venue for the reception it is so classy, beautiful and elegant. Had my daughters wedding reception there last September. Spot on. Give them a call at Ponds Forge. Sue is great, she will walk you through every eventuality.
  11. FORMERLY OF ULVERSTON RD WOODSEATS, SHEFFIELD I am wanting to contact him re. his telephone contact number. I had his mobile number but I am not getting any response I dont know whether he has lost it because it is constantly on voicemail. I spoke to him before Christmas and we came to an arrangement where he said he would sort out some things for me in January of this year. I would welcome a call asap. Thanks
  12. My daughter had her wedding reception at the above September 2011. I cannot praise Sue and Mark Matthews (Catering Manager and Assistant)enough for all the hard work they put in to decorate the place. It was absolutely beautiful. It was on the par of all the hotel receptions but at a fraction of the cost. Sue liaised with me from the get go and we even got to taste the food beforehand. The service on the day was fantastic. Everyone enjoyed the menu choice and the buffet evening meal was more than enough. I would encourage anyone to book their events with them. They are a lovely couple and are very thorough and are there to serve your every need!
  13. i once bought two yes two mini yorkies for £200 pounds and now that i am looking for another dog i find the prices have gone sky high,what happened?Dog prices are obscene no wonder dogs get stolen and sold,i was at someones house once in manchester and someone brought round a stolen staffy trying to sell it,seems to be big buisness. I was thinking i could get a nice dog for about £150 plus but people want £350 starters and up to a grand and to think i got my first little alsation for free:(
  14. hi i,m wanting a puppy to join our little family i have a hubby and a 3 yr old does anyone on here have any or know of any for sale on here i,m new to this forum so hope i,ve done this right(i am posting on my good frriends site)... thanx
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