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  1. I know, I know, it is a near impossible ask. I've been watching the matches at home, but on Saturday I have precommited to a meal out just before the England match. As such if I want to see the match I'll have to watch it somewhere in the city centre. Everywhere I looked is already booked up. So if anyone has any suggestions of pubs I may not have thought of, or pubs that had seating free during the last game, it would be very appreciated.
  2. I seem to remember I was given a £25 fine for not getting back to my car in time, but that seems quite low. It looks like the city uses the same company for on street parking, how much was your ticket when you got caught?
  3. Just to follow up, we used JBradleybz AKA Jon Bradley on here, and he was great. He was punctual, got the job done quickly, charged less than a previous quote and did a very thorough job. Will be using him again.
  4. Hi all, My mother had a boiler service and the boiler passed absolutely fine, however it needed a 3-way central heating valve replacement as the valve was sticking, making a buzzing noise and the heating is not coming on. The hot water is fine. We were quoted £150 and told it was a four hour job. This was for one of the cheaper valves, because she is now selling the house. Unfortunately the chap who did the boiler and quoted for us has disappeared off the face of the earth (and I paid him upfront, so if he doesn't find it in him soon to respond to me I will be naming and shaming on this forum, where we found him), so we are looking for somebody else who can come this week. I'll need to see some good positive feedback/credentials etc as sadly the above experience has left us a little sensitive to potentially being ripped off. thanks
  5. Need one for a day or so as it's quite moist in my kitchen and we are painting.
  6. Thanks, I have a strong suspicion this is actually what was being referenced, not Scientology
  7. Don't worry I'm not planning on joining them I discovered yesterday that some of my relatives were Scientologists in the 70s/80s and my mother informed me for a long time there was a Church of Scientology just off Abbeydale Road (Near-ish to where the Pizza Hut is now). I don't ever remember seeing such a place, can anyone confirm that there indeed was one there at some time?
  8. Armed robbery at the post office. Two guys, one of them got away but the shop owners and several brave customers managed to pin down the other guy. From what I can tell the only person who got hurt was the robber.
  9. Merry Xmas everyone Does anyone know of any gyms open tomorrow that would let me buy a one day pass? My gym is closed tomorrow and I want to make a head start burning the mince pies off
  10. I just bought this laptop http://www.asus.com/Notebooks_Ultrabooks/X502CA/#overview I bought it because it is really light and has cooling fans, which is perfect for what I need. I want to upgrade the processor. Its an Intel Core i3 and 4GB of ram. Can anyone recommend a good place in Sheffield where they can do this, and will have the hardware with them? thanks
  11. Hi all, Is there anywhere in Sheffield that trades in or recycles iPads for cash? Mine is out of warranty and the screen is broken (its all green) and the last time I used a mail recycyle service they lost the thing. cheers
  12. There is a big film crew between one of the side roads between Lees Hall Avenue and Lees Hall Road in S8 (near Coneygree Woods). Been there a few days filming at one of the houses. Anyone know what they are filming?
  13. Does anyone know of any companies that mass print books near Sheffield? A colleague of mine has written a book which was printed in the US, he is about to do his second run and wants to find somewhere closer to home.
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