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  1. I think some guys are getting confused between Windows messenger which is a chat program the come as standard in windows XP, and the messenger service which was a badly designed system for sending popups to particular IP addresses and was subsequently disabled by a windows update because spammers began to abuse it. ( was a good idea in a corporate network but crazy for the internet)
  2. old customers .you know where i am .cheers
  3. Could you take garden rubbish away thats already been cut down/mowed etc? for a fee?
  4. remove the jumper on the second drive to make it slave. If the slave drive isnt detected you may need to go into your cmos/bios set up and check that slave is set to auto detect.
  5. I wouldnt bother with cable select. Just leave your original drive as master and set the new ones jumper to slave. Or better still if you have a spare IDE channel put it on a channel of its own as master.
  6. Not a lot to go on there Spyro. If we assume its related to the CD for a moment, did you put the CD drive back in and if so does it work for that first 2 minutes? Maybe try taking it out completely and see how the PC behaves. Try safe mode and see if it still hangs. Try to isolate the problem. Check if anything is overheating or if theres any more coins lying around in there! good luck.
  7. All fixed in an MS patch in April 2004. The moral is always keep upto date on your critical updates. Thats norton being doubly safe, it will have just deleted the html file.
  8. You need to burn the ISO as an image file correctly, not just as a file. I suggest you use Nero or similar and choose burn CD image from the drop menus. The CD will then probably auto boot correctly.
  9. Its probably windows messenger that comes bundled with XP, ( this is not the same as the messenger service that caused popups). Best thing to do is remove shortcuts to it from the start menu etc and make sure its set to NOT run when windows starts.
  10. I have a new 1GB USB 2.0 Flash drive for sale for £50.
  11. Craigy, Go for it, it will be a good learning process for you. I would suggest getting an Athlon XP 3000 or a Sempron 3000. They are not that expensive and you could ebay your xp2400 for not a lot less! Also ensure you have some reasonable quality 333MHz DDR's pc2700. Your graphics card should easily be good enough, as someone already said, but make sure you have the latest drivers on the ATI website. You could also double check your cmos settings , AGP options for example.
  12. CloneCD is a nice application for this sort of thing, handles music and data cds quite simply.
  13. Phone vodaphone, they have an automated service. You type your phone number in , they tell you your PUK. Cant remember the number off the top of my head though. Found it using google.
  14. I much prefer to use something like Disk Keeper, a lite version of which i think is available from their website, rather than the inferior built in windows defraggers. http://www.executive.com
  15. Most CPUs will be frequency locked, unless you bought a special unlocked version. Most BIOS types auto detect the FSB and multiplier options, although some allow a limited control. You may be able to reduce your FSB setting. Is it a socket A or Slot A athlon. If your sure it hasnt been modified check the heatsinking. Also, regarding the other point , changing your BIOS options to such a state thats its unstable, ie dram timing, could potentially cause it to crash while writing to the hard disk, which in theory could cause windows to fail to load.
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