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  1. Fox house for a walk and a pint for us most of the time!
  2. How much for a modern looking site with the usual pages? About, Services etc...
  3. Just started a new business, trying to get the website up and running and I've only had a couple of really expensive quotes. I'd like to work with someone local if possible. Any suggestions guys? Cheers
  4. Hi there Lowdhamlad, i used a small company called mobile browsing, they are based locally and were the best value that we found. the site has increased our phone calls by over 50% as we now have a dedicated click to call. hope this helps, i have pm'd you there number but the site is http://www.mobilebrowsing.co.uk cheers HH
  5. Kashmiri Aroma is probably the best Indian food in Sheffield. the restaurant is very nice and the service is really excellent. Kitos is quite nice, Marco's is too but VERY dated! if you want an amazing Italian meal then go to Marco @ Milanos on archer road. enjoy!
  6. arthurs skips is the best skip company in sheffield by a country mile
  7. Kashmiri Aroma is the best in my humble opinion. Great service (manager is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet!) Food good value, big portions and free poppadoms and pickles is a winner in my book!
  8. My wife is currently in Hungary getting a whole load of work done. 3 implants, 8 veneers and whitening. She was quoted over £9000 here in Sheffield and over £10k at a nice private place in Barnsley. Top Hungarian surgery £4100 incl flights and hotel. Return flights are normally £125 and if she has any problems that are urgent ANY DENTIST will see her here. It's their job!! Don't listen to ignorant people telling you that abroad = inferior service or skill. Hungary and Poland have some of the best dental schools in the world. PM me for details if you need any help
  9. made by jonty best breakfast in sheffield
  10. Hi I have to get some weight off and I am wanting a personal trainer to help me get down a couple of stone and get me back to a good fitness level so I can start running marathons again. Ideally I want someone with their own gym or training facilities. Please don't suggest virgin gyms etc as I have not found them good enough and to expensive. Cheers!
  11. The best. Marco at Milano. No question. Don't try the rest. Try the best. No competition.
  12. Call dave. He did our entire house at totley and was the cheapest quote we had. As an ex foreman for a large building company I tried a few of my old lads and they were no where near his quote. Top quality too. Nice lad, good manners and punctual. His number is; 07545 262993
  13. Ring lee on 07412 577552 He is a collector and breitling expert. He can value it and may buy it. He has a place own ecclesall somewhere. Hope this helps. ( I bought mine from him and 1 or the mrs. Nice guy)
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