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  1. Been a couple of times, really like it and the food is amazing and the staff are lovely. It does get a bit noisy though when it’s busy, the sound just seems to bounce around, quite echoey. Worth a visit though if you’re in the area.
  2. There’s a nice walk from Hope to Castleton. Also Derwent/Ladybower full circuit is a fantastic day out. Start at the visitor centre and keep the reservoir on your right
  3. Cafe Leopold has good reviews https://www.caffeleopold.co.uk/
  4. The Holt on Sidney Street is very dog friendly
  5. 6x4 garden shed available free for collection. It will need sprucing up a bit - the roof will need re-felting as it has leaked over the winter, and there is a split in one of the panels of the back wall. It has been taken down so is now flat packed and ready to go. Collection from Beauchief.
  6. There’s a nice little pub crawl now - the Millhouses, The Robin Hood & The Waggon - all good pubs with great choice of drinks & food ??
  7. I follow Sheffield Vibe on Facebook - they seem to know about all the new places opening up. If your not on Facebook have a look at their website: https://www.rmcmedia.co.uk/vibe/
  8. A message has been posted on the Lost & Foind in Sheffield Facebook group from a man in New Zealand who is trying to contact the Eveleigh family, Deakins Walk, Ranmoor. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1475707059322492/permalink/2260618090831381/ Does anyone know them? ---------- Post added 05-11-2017 at 18:12 ---------- Contact has now been found, mods please close this thread - thanks
  9. I'm a dog walker and my insurance covers me for up to 6 dogs at any one time, which can be walked off lead with written consent from the owner (this is included in my paperwork that I ask the customer to complete). Even though I'm insured for up to 6 dogs, I do not take more than 3 at a time as this is the most I feel comfortable with and feel the dogs get more of my attention. Other walkers may have different conditions on their insurance, but it certainly is possible to be insured for dogs being off lead.
  10. He was in the 6th form at City School when I started in the 1st year in 1980. He was always a bit quirky, wore his school uniform but looked cool with it, with his glasses and spikey hair and I seem to remember he wore those black school pumps all the time aswell! His band Arabacus Pulp were our school band and often put on a concert in the school hall.
  11. They've been filming for this at abbeydale sports club as well, apparently some of the changing rooms are still from the 1940's so we're perfect for it.
  12. Hi, my niece is visiting from Australia and would like to hire a car - does anyone know of any local hire companies who would rent one to her? The main rental places only seem to rent to over 25s. Thanks
  13. Another recommendation for Quarry Top at Eckington, free delivery aswell within 10 miles (I think!)
  14. Have you tried connecting camera to a laptop/pc using the cable that came with it? You should then be able to get the files off the device.
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