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  1. just put all clubs in bubble wrap or individually? only prob is the set is over 200quid so wont i have to pay for insurence too...
  2. £20 - only cause i looked round ebay and that was what others were charging...
  3. Just a quickie, i sold some golf irons on ebay and need to post them tomorrow, 7 clubs in total. Just wondering what is the best and cheapest way to send them, thought about fedex but never used them and dont know if there is one in sheff, does anyone know how much it might cost...! thanks
  4. Oughtibridge U18s are currently looking for a fitness/football 'coach' for Wednesday nights for an hour on a weekly basis. The training will be up at Tapton school and could be a good opportunity for someone with a training badge or training for one. were a good set of lads and would be grateful if a willing volunteer could get in touch, thanks!!
  5. naah think its jack oii sort me some boots out fa tnite kida
  6. ''Pete, SUFC, via text on 81111: "Looks like Kevin Blackwell is taking a gamble - just seen Franny Jeffers going into Bramall Lane, surely not another Steel City switch?" ur an idiot if u beleiev this...
  7. Squeegee the water out? and is it easy to take the windows out? im only 17 dont wanna wreck my windows cant afford to lol!! i thought this stuff was easy to like just stick on etc etc..obviously not anyone fancy doing it for me if your near gleadless area?!!
  8. all im wondering is how on earth i apply it to the windows, mentions something about soapy water :S any one applied this stuff to their windows before or am i the only 'gangster/drug' dealer around here...
  9. iv got a vauxhall corsa SXi 3 door 2005 if thats any help..
  10. i want my windows tinting, got a problem? and no im not a gangster for the record.
  11. i bought a roll which the sales man told me is enough for the back windows and the rear window, dont want to mess it up or anything or else its a waste of £28.99!
  12. Anyone tried tinting their own car windows before? If so i'd like to know how easy it is to do because i bought a roll of dark tint yesterday from halfords and the instructions are rubbish!! if anyone could give me some advice of how to go about fitting them etc would be much appreciated
  13. hunger buster avoid avoid avoid. heartatttack after eating one of those theyre full of shi*t!!!
  14. tbh the pubs great apart from the owners son is a t**t
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