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  1. There's no parking permits in that area, but being at Crystal Peaks by car for more than 4 hours essentially puts you in a position that you have a parking permit as you'd get a ticket if you are there for longer or move to another car park. So that's why I park in an estate sometimes haddy. On hot summer days shopping centre's are always quite so you'll easily get parked. I got parked next to the main entrance at Meadowhall yesterday very easily.
  2. With it getting busy with most places would be a fair point but the issue is that they never consider adding more capacity when adding more shops. A bit of forward thinking goes far in my opinion. I went to Meadowhall today and they are spending £60 million making the place look nice inside. £60 MILLION. I imagine they could make a double decker car park in Crystal Peals and make the whole place more accessible with just £2 million. ---------- Post added 06-07-2017 at 14:05 ---------- And the whole Asda and Aldi areas compound the problem more so.
  3. I don't know about you but I usually find issues getting parked at Crystal Peaks. Driving round in circles is quite often what I have to do. Sometimes having to park in the housing estates close by. Why is it so badly designed? Has anybody else had issues? I'd love to hear from you if you have :-)
  4. Hi I'm trying to get in touch with Barry, Brian1941's brother as the phone number I have for him doesn't work. It's Anthony from The Photo Wizards.
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