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  1. Hi folks, I've got a Roberts DAB radio/cd/MP3 player which I purchased a couple of years ago from Currys (so out of warranty) which had been working perfectly until a couple of weeks ago when it completely died. I'm speculating its the power supply unit as I've tested the plug and power lead and tried switching them out and it is completely dead. Can anyone recommend anywhere in Sheffield which does repairs? Thanks
  2. Hi, is this something you've recently set up or has it been going on for a while?
  3. luxurious? bus? is it even grammatically correct to use those two words in the same sentence?
  4. ha ha thanks for all the replies people, we're going to Dilshad at Woodseats for a nice, traditional, Christmas Day Indian!
  5. Feeling lazy this year, me and the Missus are thinking of eating out on Christmas Day....any suggestions? Ideally around Woodseats/Dore/Totley/Millhouses....
  6. Regarding funding for people who are perhaps financially disadvantaged, I think it should be means tested on a case by case basis but with stringent criteria, with academic merit and the specific degree course in question receiving the most scrutiny.
  7. Waste Mangement with Dance. That is the actual name of a degree currently available at Northampton University. Labour have created this problem by shoving mickey mouse degrees down everyone's throat. Students exit their 3 year drinking binge expecting the world to be at their feet only to be hit with the hard reality that the dude flipping burgers at Maccy D's has better prospects for career development and their degree in media studies doesn't actually lend itself to a high flying six figure career. University is NOT for everyone and it SHOULD be a privilege, based on merit, for worthwhile degrees, which will actually be relevant in the real world. Half the problem is people still believe that any degree is better than no degree, which simply isn't true any more and hasn't been for a long time, recession or no recession. Boom.
  8. I would also like a medal please, I've been working from home all day in my dressing gown.....
  9. Where's the poll option for worked from home?
  10. LOL! Literally, looked outside, no sign of snow. Checked Sheffield Forum a minute later and snow at meadowhall. Looked outside a minute later again and it was already settling!!
  11. Been coming and going all day, mainly over the woods, anyone got any ideas? heard some people on off road bikes earlier today, wonder if it's that...
  12. Try Arnold Clark, I've just hired for a week to down to cornwall, I'm 21. They have an additional £10 a day charge for under 25's (need to have had a license for at least one year) and you can only get small cars (corsas, clios etc) but it's not bad. It's cost around £200 for a week. National Car Rental also do it but they are more expensive. http://arnoldclarkrental.com/ http://www.nationalcar.co.uk/
  13. nah...just a helicopter! Was from my original thread which was merged with this one, it did say helicopter landed at meadowhead - quite an impressive sight.
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