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  1. You can buy them off the betty's website £8.20 for a box of 4.
  2. I shop at Iceland regularly and they have a decent range of food especially their salmon and dill sauce parcels also their venison sausages and kangaroo burgers are nice. I personally don't have a problem with shopping there, i suppose its everyone's preference.
  3. I am not surprised really thought they were very overpriced.
  4. The one at the bottom of halifax road is also one of the worst roundabouts in sheffield.
  5. I am from wincobank i lived there from 1972-1997 and my parents still live there and have no problems whatsoever.
  6. Meadowhall Santa's Grotto is charging £4.50 a child this year.
  7. The name of the new Pub/Restaurant has come from the Handsworth Sword Dancers.
  8. I've had it and felt awful i was in bed for a few days and i ached all over from the wretching i was doing it was quite grim.
  9. I completed my 2nd year at college in june and have both Level 1 & 2 cake decorating certificates and i am seeking employment within the industry and was wondering if anyone knows someone that is needing a cake decorator.
  10. I call them cupcakes now because it sounds better than calling them fairy cakes.
  11. No i wouldn't ditch my car for public transport there is no way i am going to pay all that money for my car insurance, road tax and M.O.T for my car to be parked at home laying idle.
  12. You have to add egg powder to royal icing as well you can get it from hobbycraft or you can use merriwhite.
  13. I think its located where the big green open space is where they have built the car park for the residents and where they walk their dogs on the right hand side as you go past woolley wood bottom.
  14. My mum makes her own ice-cream and makes hers with carnation its absolutely devine.
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