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  1. Sorry i haven't been on here in ages and i've forgotten how to delete a post?
  2. I'm selling a psp and im just wondering how long i can leave it on for sale?
  3. Then how come there are less murders and rapes in dubai then?
  4. Were abouts on broad lane? (next to or opposite what shop )
  5. Yes i think we should, including the hand chopping because, then no assholes would go stealing or killing. In this country you can do whatever you want beacuse you know they are not going to touch you all they gonna do is put you in prison. When people are in prison they don't give a crap they come out of prison and do murder again. I went to Dubai a few weeks ago and when it's time to pray at the mosque people leave there jewellrey stores open because they know that no one is going to steal. People in this country if you leave your phone on your dash board then more than likley someone is going to break your window and steal it. My friend left his car door open, and i'm not exaggerating this either and we went on one of the water slides and came back and nothing was touched. So yes i think we should have it in this country so people will stop getting killed and stealing would stop, only retards would still kill and steal
  6. I just want a standard deck of playing cards because i like to do magic tricks and play cards, but i can't find anywhere in sheffield where i can buy them. Can someone please find me a shop that sells it so i can go down and buy them (possibly in town)
  7. i need a 3.5mm jack to a usb cable for mhy ipod. For those who don't know what a 3.5mm jack is, it's just a standard headphone cable but instead of headphones on the end it's got a usb cable. Can someone please tell me where i can possibly get one in sheffield??
  8. Hi, I've just moved into the area and i need to get to town but i don't know what buses to catch. Can someone tell me the numbers like 76 or something so i can look out for them ath the bus stop. I live in s11 area Cheers
  9. Does anyone have any good RnB/Grime/Rap tracks that they like. Tell me your top 3.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any quick tips on how to get a flat stomach?
  11. Hi, Does anyone know anywhere i can possibly learn arabic by proper arabic people. Because i wan to learn the Q'uran in arabic but i want to be taught by a real arabic person so i can have that accent that they have. I want there accent beacause that's the proper way of reading and speaking arabic. If anyone knows please can you tell me. Thanks
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