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  1. or the Sign in the Gents that says Wet Paint does not mean literally
  2. Nothing like the truth if he didnt know it was a big job when he took over maybe he should have done his research a little better ask any Blade that sees them regular and they would have told him that for nothing.
  3. And yet we still pay all our bills and do not have a revolving door into/out the bankruptcy court PS dont tell me you are Debt free because thats about as truthful as saying we are 60million in debt
  4. Meeting Ladybirds all those years ago:)
  5. Yes but Stoke sold out to the Premier****
  6. Because the Blades play in red and White stripes and have done for over a 100 years
  7. So how are you lot surviving on gates of 16 - 17000 charity again worry about your own tin pot .club nearer Division 2 than automatic promotion and we will worry about .our own little club. Sod off and just for once talk about Wedmesday rather than your bigger neighbours
  8. Another quality trip was to Malta to see United in a pre season friendly about 20 of us turned up for the tour the only problem was the team didn't but did we mind no the flags were out and we found a Maltese 3rd Division game to go to, we made more noise than the entire stadium put together they thought we were mental, the manager looked just like Jose Mourniho and got some real stick great tour just a shame the team didn't turn up, we phoned Football Heaven from the stadium and they were gobsmacked
  9. I'd love UPINWATH to teach my grand kids that is half the problem in this country no discipline, Discipline starts in the home and teaching starts in the home. No discipline and we end up back in the dark ages which seems to be the place we are heading for, no Education no job just a never ending circle, if one little git disrupts the entire class I would like to think that something is being done disciplinary wise
  10. Last week I was looking for someone to repair my showers and re grouting etc, the job went to SBS Building Services I would just like to recommend him to anyone who requires any plumbing work etc the job is excellent the showers look brand new and a very reasonable price Thanks again
  11. Well done Poirot:hihi: Theres a good photo from Millwall in 1974 on my Facebook page never realised we all used to wear red and white scarfs in those days lol
  12. Snap Jiper Delusions of Granduer O'Neill sitting in the stands only if he got lost on the inner ring road
  13. I did all those games and more and still as daft as ever. Used use my leave up from the Army so I could travel from Germany for a weekend. Absolutely great times just mentioned it to the wife she was about 6months pregnant in 1981 and she drove to Exeter and Truro that weekend and only nearly killed us once when she was so knackered she didn't see a roundabout coming at us thick and fast but fortunately for my daughter to be she missed it
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