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  1. on my own but its a bit different going to home matches then going to wembly
  2. the true fan could only get 1 ticket so if you wanted to go with a member of family you had to wait for general sale I am a 67 year old season ticket holder and didn't want to go on my own
  3. once again the true fans don't get a ticket while the glory hunters are all smiling with a average gate of just over 20000 that means around 20000 fans who have probably never been to a match have tickets
  4. been a fan for 58 years and because I wanted 2 tickets I am now unable to go because its now all sold out been queue since 9 but no luck
  5. been on that sight but only get message we are currently processing the maximum possible humber of bookings we are able to handle at one time then tells you that you are being held on this page been like that since 9
  6. I have just been in a queue for 40 minutes when I got to zero nothing happened I have now re joined queue what do you do when it reaches zero
  7. trying to book on line for wembly but will only let me have 1 ticket tried phoning but only get busy call back later I need 2 tickets for me and my son any advice
  8. I am unable to connect to Sheffield forum on my Ipad or Iphone 6
  9. I don't understand why not because Wrexham once qualified by wining Welsh Cup
  10. If United beat Charlton in the next round of the Cup and the other results go there way will they be in Europe Next Season.If Arsenal.Man City and Sunderland all win these teams should have already Qualified this leaves United as only team not to already have Qualified
  11. where is the best place in sheffield to buy atx pc case
  12. i am not worried about the download time what i wanted to know is as anyone bought a game online and how long does it take before you receive the download .After downloading can you play the game straight away
  13. as anyone purchased a download game from such as Game and is it straight forward and how long does it take
  14. problem now solved bought a power cable for 2 fans from maplins
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