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  1. Went for a stroll along the Victoria Quays this evening. Noticed that there was one bar/ restaurant - Bluwater- and a couple of other shops. Struck me as an area that could really become a cool spot in the city if some more nice cafes, funky shops,etc opened up. Has anyone passed by there recently? What do you think of it?
  2. Was very disappointed with the New Zing Vaa. Takeaway was dire. My favourite is now Dim Sum on London Road. Tasty food you can rely on. Would go so far as to say it's the best Chinese takeaway food anywhere I've been. It's always full of Chinese families eating in which is usually a good sign of authentic food.
  3. Broomhill and the plush parts of Broomhall have lovely grand victorian houses, but the areas also have a very cosmopolitan vibe to it as well, which i love. There are lovely treelined streets but you are just a skip and hop away from the city centre and Eccy rd. But if I were a few years older then Fulwood and Whirlow would be more my choice. Ecclesall would not feature too highly because even though T020 puts forward a very convincing arguement, its just too bland and oh so full of very common looking 1930's semis, sorry but just not in the same class as the other areas i have mentioned. There are lovely pockets in Millhouses as well.
  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments of 'theflyingfish'. As an outsider who has been in Sheffield for a year, to me its city centre is that of a town rather than a city. I often wonder what has happened to Sheffield. I mean why has it been left behind by other Northern cities like Leeds and Manchester whose centres have the soul of a city? Meadowhall has a part to play, I agree but I don't think this can be the only reason. For Manchester also has the Trafford Centre as well as its vibrant city centre. No, I think it is also to do with a failure to think big by the people in the city and a lack of ambition. I really hope, being a proud Yorkshireman, that the investment in the city centre (heart of the city campaign/Retail Quarter) really does create a better and more positive image for the city which I do believe has the potential to be city of European significance with its own style and character.
  5. My brother-in-law named his daughter Misha pronounced meesha, and i think its rather lovely
  6. Thankyou for your very informative post, and now i know why the river is not so wide. However i really didn't mean to insult so much. But like I said I was a bit miffed. When i saw the photo that you posted, it reminded me of a canal in Glasgow, that i used to walk along when i was a kid and it was a bit dirty too. Being born in Glasgow i have always been aware of the river, and having played such a big part in the city am very proud of it. Have spent many lovely days walking along its banks and even taking boat trips on it, so that why i was surprised that a river exisited in Sheffield. Naturally started making comparisons , and that was wrong.
  7. look didn't mean to get anybody all upset about it. And i'm not the Doc but his Mrs. Me and the Doc have been having discussions about Sheffield and its plans to regenerate itself and I guess i'm just a little frustrated. I do have a lot of critisisms about this place ( NOTE I SAID PLACE NOT PEOPLE SO YOU ALL CAN JUST CALM DOWN), because even though it is really trying to move itself forward i think mistakes are being made, that will do the city no favours. For example West one development looks dated already. Sheffield is a really ugly city, and I have been round enough of Britain to say this with authourity. Therefore any new buliding work should try and make up for this fact by being really outstanding, yet all i see are reallly mediocre ones going up that people will be complaing about in 20 years time. Most citys that claim to have rivers have ones that are impressive, and have big bridges spanning over them. River Clyde , now thats a river, just like the Thames. And when crossing Brooklyn bridge and the Golden gate I was left in no doubt that iwas crossing a river. Well until i read this thread I didn't even know there was one in this city,so ....................
  8. Less of a river than a dirty little canal:confused:
  9. Hey has anyone tried the Dim Sum Chinese restaurant on London Road? I can honestly say that it does the best takeaway food I've ever tasted. Simply delicious! Has anyone on the forum tried it? What did you think?
  10. We are in the process of buying a house with a some subsidence history, and am wondering if any of you have any experience of house with this. Is it a common thing in Sheffield? There were no cracks visible and the vendors said that they hadn't noticed any new cracks since they got remedial work done(just filling up cracks no underpinning) in 1996. They also got their insurance company to get report done again and it says it is happy to keep on insuring and although there are some hairline cracks it is expected of a property of that age (victorian/edwardian) and that there doesn't seem to notice anything serious at the moment. However to cover it self it does say that because of the hot summer of last year it cannot rule out further movement, and also rcommends removing tree that is close by. I knoe it sounds obvious but what kind of reassurance should i get from the insurance company that it will pay out if needs be in future. Also what other questions should i be asking and to whom? Your help will be greatly appreciated thanks! :confused:
  11. I am British born and bred and love this country with all my heart but am also Muslim by faith. However I cannot stand what Abu Humza and his likes stand for, they know about as much of Islam as a green eyed martian from Mars. I do not condone anything he has ever said and as far as i am concerned the goverment should use the anti-terrorism act to arrest him, or at the very least send him away from here. If he does not like this country then why stay. I am sorry that too many people feel this is too harsh a thing to say, but its not racist, just the truth. I've had enough od his mad lunatic ramblings and think its about time we got rid of him.
  12. we've got a house woopee. We've lost out many time because we, were naive to the fact that agents were undervaluing properties, we moved from Scotland and were told England works diff. Anyway we learnt the hard way that in Sheffield its just like Glasgow and houses go for well over.........but we paid the asking price! It is in a very nice part of s10 and it was with blundells so we feel that even after all the grief we've been through it was all good in the end.
  13. Just read on Sheffield Today website that a Manchester based airline called 'Fly-Chaufair' are considering starting flights from Sheffield City Airport to London Heathrow. They would be twice a day, three days a week. They are trying to canvass people's opinion about it. I for one would certainly use it if it were a resonable price. What do you guyz think?
  14. Personally, I think it is quite a clever choice of name for it is going to be instantly recognisable for people abroad. These are the people we need to attract to the region if we want South Yorkshire to continue to prosper as an important region of Europe. As for us at home, let's be honest, we are going to end up calling it 'Doncaster/Sheffield' or 'Sheffield International' Airport just like we refer to Liverpool or Leeds/Bradford Airports. Am I not right?
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