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  1. Why do you hope they fail? At least the majority of the Bradford City players are British not like Chelsea or other Premiership clubs who are mostly foreign so how can a team full of foreign players be a true representation of England. I hope Bradford City win!
  2. In this game you use movie titles. You will use the last letter from the last posted movie title to form the first letter of your reply. For Example : Nightmare on Elm Street. Terminator.
  3. Thanks for the input guys, really looking forward to getting it
  4. Did KIER bleed the radiators when they came out?
  5. Hi all, me and my Wife have decided to upgrade our TV to one of the smart TV's which will hopefully be with us very soon. Just wondered if anybody on here owned one and what are your views on them. Thanks
  6. Each person will make a comment about what the last poster has offered to discuss, then they will leave something for the next person to say. I'll start - Population
  7. luke1989

    Food Game

    Hot pot.....................
  8. luke1989

    Food Game

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