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  1. Or any good ones at any other time of the week, please?
  2. Is there any Karaokes tonight anywhere, please? XG
  3. Does anyone know if the No61 "TM travel" bus fare is covered by the £4.70 day bus pass - called CityBus Day, please? We are travelling up loxley Rd from Hillsborough, but will be getting there via "First" busses.
  4. Something I would be interested in knowing too, if you don't mind me tagging on to your thread, please?
  5. Ive just had a look at the Star "Whats on" and its flagged up a karaoke there tonight, as it happens. in 2007 we booked it for our wedding evening reception and a couple of days before that it closed down because of an electrical fault. Before that we were in and out of it on a regular basis. Since then I have passed and it sometimes looks open and sometimes not. On further investigation, the Karaoke advert suggests it IS still "functioning", lol. Thanks for the input, guys XX Update - hubby has just informed me that it wasnt the masons that we had booked for our reception, lol !! Think I am living in a different dimension , so excuse that incorrect fact XX
  6. Hi Does anyone know if the Masons Arms on Langsett Road is open at the moment. I'm fancying a trip down memory lane, used to go in there a bit many moons ago, but have received conflicting info on the internet as to whether it is "functioning" at the moment X
  7. Just a quick question. We are going over Dore way today and see there is a wood called Wag Wood there. Cant work out where the access point is, and whether you can walk by the river (Redcar Brook) with our dog. Does anyone know, please?
  8. Well, today I found out that yesterday whilst I was in Rotherham, someone used my account to move from NGH to RHH hospital mortuaries. It came up on the booking history on my phone App, but I didnt get an email confirmation of the journey. Something is really odd there as it looks like a movement of NHS staff from one hospital to another, taking off from one of MY drop off points I usually have, as I work next to the mortuary at NGH. This could be a Sat-Nav problem, with the App being to clever for its own boots, assuming that because 2 accounts have used the same location recently, that it has to choose between two accounts. Or even worse it has flagged up two accounts and someone manually chose the account themselves. :-?
  9. I dont think I would persist in using it if it wasn't essential for my account, which I use to make claims against. I must admit, I'm thinking of keeping it to phone bookings with receipts, if it carries on - its just that the receipts are pretty small and easy to loose. I get a printout which my manager signs if I do it through the App :-/ so it makes it a lot easier to claim my money back. ---------- Post added 11-07-2018 at 23:38 ---------- The App was great up until around April/May when I reinstalled the newer version. Thats when all the problems started. ---------- Post added 11-07-2018 at 23:40 ---------- I have reinstalled it a couple of times this week, but still wont get past the opening page/map. I use android (?haiwai?) XX
  10. Hi. Im having problems with City Taxis at the moment. It is all down to the App being unfit for purpose, then getting told it is my problem when I ring up to sort it out. It has also resulted in me being billed for another account's journeys, being refused a cab by a taxi driver and my address erroneously having a block put on it, leaving me stranded (today actually) Can anyone tell me if Uber is better on this front. I am on the access to work scheme, where I am assisted with payments to get me to work and back, so it may involve a lot of extra paperwork, but in just the few months I have been with City, I have been in tears with them three times. In a lot of cases the App has failed (which is also my fault apparently) or the Driver has failed to get the full address from the system despite me double checking I have put it in correctly. However this last time I ended up sat in the Yorkshire bank in Rotherham in tears after being told I have had a block put on my address (Not on ME, take note, as she hadn't even asked my name at that point). I had to ring another number to find out that despite being picked up many times from that address since March, that the block went back from Feb, under someone elses name! So, any advice would be helpful, but I want to be sure that it is NOT my fault, and that it does happen to others before I put an official complaint in. I am not taking any action against drivers here, as in the main they have been fantastic, and many are as frustrated with the app as me. Thanks Glenys
  11. Thank HJA, that is going to give me something to think about and some great pointers. I am wanting to move away from grain fed as I want to go on a low sugar, high fat diet to increase my LDL quality, and have heard myself about the omega 3 in saturated fats. And also the vitamin K in the dairy. So far I have only found Kerrygold butter on the supermarket shelves, but would love to be able to support a local farm who produce at least a similar, if not better product. And similar with the meat. When I was younger I had a bit of nutrition conflict in the family. I had an older step dad who used to make me eat meat fat, as it was "good for you", and then my mum who joined weight watchers, but would have a low fat diet (but never lost weight). Myself, I had an EXTREMELY sweet tooth, and got very chubby and (now I realise very close to diabetes) as a child. through "Mother's Love" being an icecream every day and chips cooked in Sunflower oil (the new health food of the seventies) every other day :-/ Now I am 53, pre-diabetic and with non alcoholic liver disease, so naturally I am jumping at the chance to turn it all round whilst I can! I am so glad that the truth about vegetable oils and inflammatory omega 6's has been made known publicly at last :-), and even happier that I learned to love red meat fat as a child. Thankyou again for the links :-) XG
  12. Hi. I am trying to follow a food plan where all my meat and dairy comes from farms that are TOTALLY grass fed. Ideally I want to buy from Sheffield and surrounding areas, but also would love to find farm shops and supermarkets locally that sell this too. Does anyone know where I could start, please? The process is known as "Foggage" farming, but the internet is riddled with false alleys to other parts of the country :-/ XGlenys
  13. I never said it was their fault that my dog was hot. Hubby was going to carry pooch across the carpark to main road, and he was stopped. There is nothing on the website and I can see no signs to say dogs cant go in the carpark.
  14. I went into company shop today, leaving hubby in their carpark to take pooch a walk, but on letting the dog out of the car, he was told not to, as no dogs allowed in the car park. This is a puppy, who is now with me in the car with the doors open, baking to death whilst hubby finishes the shop, not able to take her across a bit of tarmac to the carpark exit. Are they allowed to do this? I have never come across a no dog policy that extends to carparking. ---------- Post added 04-08-2017 at 15:31 ---------- The doors are open and she has water.
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