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  1. Happ Hazard does have a point though - although that is a different thread. The more people who want a dwindling product, sends the prices up. If all of a sudden there was a shortage of chicken (or any other food stock) I can't imagine Morrisons or Tescos not increasing the price. With regards the immigration, if more people are applying for one job and people are prepared to work for less money, then the wage that particular job role commands goes down
  2. I don't believe they do. Many people believed Sadam had weapons of mass destruction back in 2003, because the powers that be, said he had.....this despite the fact no clear evidence was presented to prove it (prior to the war) Many people in the UK cannot see the truth and believe everything they are told
  3. OK, so Unemployment is down, yet the jobseekers claimant count is up? Confused? yes I am, I'm struggling like a geordie in Maths lesson. So how can the unemployment be down, yet the number for jobseekers is up? Is it not time to include the following in the unemployment stats? People on government training schemes People in Further Education (college or university) People on incapacity People who take in work benefits (ie, people who are not funny self sufficient without benefits) Carers In other words, if you are not in a job, where you are not fully self funding.......(ie, no benefits), then you are classed as recieving benefits, and as such should be included in the stats. We would then get a true picture of the scale on unemployment, this would cause an outcry and then force the government of the day to confront this problem - and who knows, develop manifacturing as the way to genuinely reduce the unemployment figures. While we are hiding the truth, we won't confront the problem. In roman times, if the Roman Emperor was naked, then the subjects (the people) got to see things they shouldn't have seen.
  4. I can see a flaw, technically you are not a child at 35 years old, although thanks to the nanny government - perhaps we are. I think it highlights a more serious problem, in the sense that going to work does not pay a living wage. I accept people will say "well I saved up.....or.....this generation want everything", however in the defence of todays 20 somethings, you can't buy your first property for around £25,000 (as I did back in the year 2000). We are also talking about graduate, so what chance do the kids have who did not go to university, and there only work is work that pays the minimum wage? We need to look at how Labour allowed a situation to get to this, how is work so financially unviable and being a drunken, druggie smackhead comes with so many rewards? TO redress the balance, benefits need to be cut to the equivalent of £9000 a year maximum, this would force down the rental market, and potentially crash the housing market. While a crash would not be good for homeowners, it would give todays 20somthings a chance
  5. Ring 101 Its a number for neighbourhood disbutes
  6. I would potentially disagree, getting a job in the new Asdas or Tescos is quite difficult. Even people with experience are being turned away. With regards the steelworks, can they offer a job for life anymore?
  7. Rich, not being able to work evenings or weekends is as absurd as applying to be a job as a Lorry Driver, when you can't drive.
  8. The analogy of steelworks v supermarket is more based on the "secure job for life", which I would doubt a school leaver would get IF they did manage to get into a steelworks. The wages are low, true, however the work would be constant and so you could budget for the long term, similar to the old steel works You could pretty much say Supermarket work is a growth industry, esecially with a growing population, its likely more supermarkets will be needed to feed the growing population. For a 16 year old, there are prospects. Pensons, I would imagine if you got into somewhere such as Tesco at 16, by the time you got to 65, if you paid into the pension pot for 49 years, you would ge one hell of a pension on retirement - how many industrys could give you that? I would imagine it would be very easy to move from supermarket to supermarket for anyone lookng for fast track promotion. So in effect, a hard working 21 year old may end up in some sort of management position - potentially. Now when I left school, stacking supermarket shelves was looked down on (our careers advisors were pushing for everyone to be lawyers - even the class duffers), however in 2011, I would imagine it would be a very good career move for a 16 year old - the equivalent of the steelworks in 1953
  9. I hope they get rid of A boards that you see outside shops, I'm sick of tripping over these horrible things. A shop in Hillsborough, lent a sign up outside there shop, and I walked into it, and got an injury, however I got £6500 compensation
  10. It was said that if you got into the steelworks, or the railways etc.... then you had a job for life. Is a job in a supermarket the equivalent for the 16 year olds of 2011? It is a secure job, with potentially good prospects. So would you agree that a job in a Supermarket for a 16 year old in 2011, would be the equivalent of getting an apprenticeship at British Steel for a 16 year old, leaving school in 1953?
  11. Sooner or later, we will all have to be making a compensation claim soon, simply so we can keep pace with price rises, and car insurance being one of the main ones. I got attacked up a few years back by 3 lads, and I was offered compensation (due to my injurys) however, I refused out of pride and didn't want to be seen as weak by others. One of the reasons I was told to persue compensation was that I could have physchological damage from what happened. The was no way I was going to persue a claim on that ground, as I did not want to be seen as a nut job by my friends. However, any claim I would make now would purely be on financial grounds and to keep pace with price rises. Sad as it seems, 1997 get stamped on by 3 lads......refuse compensation out of pride.....2011, would I claim for a silly injury? I think I would....finaces dictate unfortunatly
  12. Support small businesses For example, butchers Instead of buying the prepacked stuff, go to your butcher
  13. If you want to cause distress to the staff, walk into the shop, and say "God will maketh his judgement on your day of rekoning" "the actions that you take on this earth, shall be paid for in the afterlife" Then walk out of the shop.
  14. My sister had some new neighbours move into the appartment downstairs and there is a strange smell/different smells. Cross between smoke and grass, and another strange smell that is utterly vile. The smell only started when they moved in a couple of weeks back
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