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  1. the one i remember at the fair was called groovy with mr bloe instrumental
  2. these so called human beings make my blood boil with there stupid rantings they should be rounded up flogged then deported and before human rights doo gooders and freespeech do gooders please wat do you think would happenif we went over to there country to demo i will tell you they would behead you in the streets its about time this ****ing ****lees goverment started standing up for the britsh people and the first thing they should get rid of is the bloody human rights bill if one party put this in there manifessto i would be the first to vote free speech please these scum bags are a disgrace not only to the muslim comm but to the human race
  3. If u dont want it duckweed give it me lol
  4. i get the 10 pound bonus much appreciated it might not buy much but what do people want for doing nothing
  5. its always on wordsworth at bottom of doe royd cresent/ wordsworth ave was there yesterday always is
  6. the way to look at is if anything happened to your him could u forgive yourself for not trying go for it good luck your family are not there for ever
  7. wats wrong with giving them to childrens hospital are u a grumpy old man think only profit profit
  8. you could donate them to the childrens hospital or some orphanage
  9. i would put some oil in it 1st engine management light can show up if oil is low along time before the acctuall oil light comes on
  10. http://www.hdtvsolutions.com/Thomson-44DLW617.htm
  11. any tv elictrical shops in sheffield sell them are is it just online
  12. does anybody no of any shops in sheffield that stock bulbs for rear projection tvs i no they aint cheap but was hoping to get one for less than 100 pounds
  13. sum1 swiped my car other month she admitted to it there and then im 3rd party insurance she fully comp anyway next day she diceded to deny it was her fault and basicly as normal insurance said if i go ahead they will say 50/50 in wich case would lose my 3 yrs no claims no wonder people choose not to get insured
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