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  1. I’ve been going to Bramall Lane regularly since the 70’s. In the past 30 years I’ve only ever heard racist jokes/ chants when playing Bradford City, referencing Pakistani’s. Racist comments/ chants about black players seemed to stop once we had Deane and Agana from 1990. I’ve always had a theory that some people are full of frustration/ resentment/ pent up anger, they become a walking pressure cooker building up ready to explode but instead of taking it out on the wife and kids, they go to a match to “let off steam’. Ive seen it with my own eyes where the ref gives the other team a throw-in and the guy near me is going mad shouting abuse at the ref. His actions are totally disproportionate to what’s just happened.
  2. This Ched business has significant similarities to the Forestiari business when early in the season he refused to play because he was desperate to engineer a transfer away from SWFC. Many Owls were initially split, if he wants to leave then let him go, surely keeping him will damage the team spirit, yeh but he's our match winner and best player etc etc. Ched was generally underwhelming in his SU career but for the last 6 months of his contract he was SU's best striker since Brian Deane, way too good for league 1, miles better than Billy Sharp and arguably low PL standard. It's a risk but it if a club has a chance to get a player with such potential on the cheap then it's understandable. Regard the Ched signing damaging the club/ team spirit it's a fair point but Wilder seems to be a master of a manager and I'm sure he'll sort it out with ease. PS: Spoke to loads of Blades, there are 2 groups, of those that attend matches I'd say at least 90% want him back. Of those Blades that never attend matches I'd say it's a 50/50 split.
  3. Chris Wilder could, just could be the Brian Clough of his generation. 199 points in 2 seasons is incredible but it's not only about developing a team with a winning mental attitude but the added bonus is that Sheffield United currently play the best brand of football in Yorkshire.
  4. Sharp has similarities to Jordan Rhodes but with less physicality and height. Sharp, like Rhodes is a great finisher BUT they both lack speed and sharpness so both need setting up with balls played to their feet. So in the wrong team with team mates unable to make pin point passes then Sharp will struggle but I suspect Uniteds midfield will be able to set him up. Given a chance in front of goal Sharp more often than not scores. Ched is the interesting one, much harder shot than Sharp and can score goals from nothing. If he regains anything like his best form he'll be a force in the Championship.
  5. Many people get mixed up with Japanese knotweed (which is quite rare) and bindweed (which is all over the place in Sheffield). Hopefully it's common bindweed and although a pest it's much easier to control. In gardens the best way is to put long canes next to the bindweed and it will automatically twine itself up the cane. Put some strong weed killer with glycosulphate in a small sandwich style plastic bag then remove the cane and put all the bindweed with all its leaves inside the bag and seal it. The leaves will feed off the glycosulphate and take the poison down to its roots and die. If it's council property then I would expect them to simply spray with glycosulphate weed killer and that will kill most of it but it will probably need multiple treatments over time. If it's the Japanese knotweed then the roots go very deep and spread many metres. It takes numerous treatments of weed killer and even then it might come back. Hence why house valuations plummet if the Japanese strain is close by.
  6. Pot legs, Revenue for the season will have increased but it's a dangerous tactic with probably disastrous consequences. What would you prefer at Hillsboro. 40,000 paying £15 = £600K 20,000 paying £30 = £600K or 10,000 paying £60 = £600K Some might say it doesn't matter as each scenario provides the same income. However once fans are priced out and stop going then it's takes incredible effort to make them return. Also congratulation to the Blades. Adkins knows the formula for promotion. We haven't hit top gear yet but look very effective every game and we could possibly do a Bristol City and have a big lead by Xmas.
  7. We are well over due a home win and a good performance. I'm predicting something similar to the Scunthorpe home match. Probably a 3-0 or 4-1 convincing win. The Blades will be on a high feeling good about promotion then we'll probably lose 1-0 in a tight match away at Walsall next Saturday. It's the Blades way to keep the fans on edge and nervous.
  8. For a second I thought I'd wrote this post. It reflects my thoughts & I've been telling people this all week. United have won 11 out of 13, but the really significant factor is the performances & have we been lucky? The answer is NO, in fact we've been unlucky & have been the better team in ALL 13 of those matches. Also several of those 13 matches have been convincing 3 or 4-0 victories.
  9. I've had a mobile phone for years. Had Vodaphone, Orange, 02 and now 3. I was worried about joining 3 because they are the cheapest & generally things are expensive or cheap for a reason. I had an IPhone on O2 for 2 years & have had the IPhone 4 on Three for 6 months and the coverage of 3 has been slightly better than 02. I also travel around the country with work & again the coverage of 3 on the motorway is slightly better than O2. My wife still has O2 so I can do a direct comparison & my phone tends to have a better reception than her phone. Conclusion: Better than I expected & I'm satisfied.
  10. I was a member of Fitness Club for 3 years but I've recently changed location so I canlt go in my lunch times anymore. I'd definately recommend the Fitness Club mainly because of the atmosphere and ambience at the club. The couple that run the club are extremely friendly, patient and make an effort to know everyone by the first name etc. The types that go are 40 year old office types (male and female) and your young 20 year old uni students. There's always a good atmosphere, all shapes and sizes, all age groups with no big body builders or dodgy criminal looking types.
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