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  1. 8 of us went to the 23 Bar last Saturday night-didnt really know what to expect to be honest. When we were shown to our table i was amazed at the size of the place and the amount of people eating.It was packed and had a great atmosphere,it was really buzzing. The Thai fishcakes were fantastic as were the deep fried brie. 4 of us had the Thai Green Curry and the others had the Chicken wrapped in bacon filled with black pudding.All the food was delicious and this is not a self promotion for gods sake,just my opinion.Good service and a great night was had by all.Would definately recommend it-give it a try.Well done to all.
  2. Phone Lewis on 07870162575-hes close to the city centre.Hes sprayed mine and my wifes car and did a fab job at a good price.
  3. The driver came up Pit Lane,lights changed to green and a car came straight through the lights and hit the car side on.I believe the force of the collision took it into the traffic lights.
  4. Again another accident at the top of Pit Lane caused by someone driving through a red light. What i would like to know is why do people do it and for what reason? The lights change back to green after about 30 seconds coming down from Manor Top. The people who do it need some serious help,what are they gaining risking someones life? Tinsley roundabout is the perfect example,every time they change,a couple of cars go through red everytime.the thing is though they look like normal responsible people not chavs in baseball caps.
  5. We went last year with friends,really enjoyed it and we still laugh about the amount of food we had on the table,there was tons of it. Will definately go again.
  6. Ring Lewis on 07870162575 He's recently done my car and my wifes and his work is brilliant and at a decent price.
  7. Postmen seem to come when they want to arrive.What a ridiculous comment to make. Have you ever done the job? If not,try it for a full week and see how you go on. Quite a few do try it and pack it in.Why? Cos it's very hard work thats why.There's not just just the one bag you know,there's usually 5 or 6. What's the big deal about having a different postman every day,what is it to you?
  8. Is it possible to get Camcorder film put onto DVD? If so is there anywhere in Sheffield that do it? Thanx
  9. Although ive been a Dylan fan since 1969 i had never seen him live till Saturday. He was exactly as i thought he would be,never spoke to the crowd apart from introducing his band,and spent half the show with his back to some of the audience whilst playing keyboards. To be honest everybody loved it apart from me and my mate. His last 2 albums have been a bizarre mixture of blues,rockabilly,afternoon tea dance music and old fashioned country,there were times i expected people to get up and waltz. Well i for one didnt like it,even his better known songs were unrecognisable.He was so pedestrian it was untrue,if he hadnt have sung the words 'Im younger than that now' we would never have guessed it was 'My Back Pages' It was great to actually see him on stage after nearly a lifetime wait,but im afraid its time he packed in,just my opinion! There was no support,he came on at 7-40 and finished 2 hours later,was he needing his cup of hot chocolate and an early night? Talking to people afterwards,they loved it-must be me then! Anyone else go?
  10. By the way ive just been reading about Streetwalkers on Wikipedia and it says that Nicko McBrain was a former member,does anyone know if he was the drummer for them at the show i saw in the 70's?
  11. Unfortunately i never saw Family but i did see Streetwalkers. What a frontman Roger Chapman was!! Can't remember how many tambourines he broke,he was whacking the mike stand so hard,he ended up breaking that as well and then throwing the tambourines into the audience. Happy Days!
  12. Im sure chicken or scampi in a basket was £1.
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