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  1. Anyone know what the demo/march/protest currently blocking London/Abbeydale Road?
  2. I see what you are getting at! It was a baseline event after all.
  3. Genius idea! Maximum impact, someone who works for stagecoach does have something between their ears.
  4. Deep down this makes Sheffield look like a disgrace. This should of been a brilliant service and it’s been ruined due to the scrubbers.
  5. Looking from park hill and I can see a massive fire towards tesco at the wicker, anyone know what it is?
  6. So simply: does anyone have a description of the persons involved
  7. Ouch, where did this information come from? I'm not questioning it at all just curious.
  8. Do you carry it in nightclubs/bars? Or is it for work/fishing/playing with wood?
  9. Exactly, if you are caught with a knife on the street it should be a straight 5 year sentence.
  10. Its vile, but it caters for many. Older mutton and young pups who think they are "ballers". Candy Pants (the name of the organiser from last nights event) are renowned for being "Glam". VILE
  11. I don’t eat it! I don’t eat from Subway/Halal KFC for the exact same reason. Im fully educated on this subject and it’s unethical.
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