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  1. No it doesn't there is a fault with your daughters set up
  2. Need new screen replacing please pm or message with price is many thanks jommy
  3. can have a look and give you a quote many thanks jimmy. J&A aerials 01142726594 or mob 07746627282
  4. I sorry wasn't reply to you ghozer. Many thanks
  5. well what i said above is fine you can do that and it will all be ok as long as everything is working proper. thanks jimmy
  6. yes thats is ok to use please remeber to screw the cable into input one on the sky plus box.
  7. either that is faulty or 2nd rf out put is switched off ---------- Post added 22-02-2016 at 17:49 ---------- use muilti meter on 2nd rf out put and see if there is 9 volts coming out of it
  8. check to see if the red light is on the magic eye if not go to intallation setting on sky box to check if rf out put is switched on. some times it resets its self but you should still get a picture even with 2nd rf switched off. if the 2nd rf is still on then id check cable to see if theres any damage or check 2nd tv is tuned to correct rf.
  9. the magic eye has to come from the second rf on the back of sky box. the cable from your sky dish will be for a box only not tv link(magic eye ) thanks jimmy
  10. hi we can call saturday if any good to you if so let us know thanks jimmy
  11. it sounds a lot like electrical interferance when i did the dttv course in colchester. The instructors caused the same fault and then prceeeded to tell us all it was a earthing fault. hoe to resolve was to either change aerial location or try and plug systems in a different circuit. which is hard as norm all down stair plug sockets are all on same circuit thanks jimmy
  12. it could also be the lnb has faulty ports or the cabling as previously said thanks jimmy
  13. hi sent you a pm many thanks jimmy
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