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  1. Really? http://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/earthskys-meteor-shower-guide#.UXjTDJ-9KSM. There was an event happening all week
  2. We've just left npower and gone with these https://www.utilitywarehouse.co.uk/ for gas electricity, phone and broadband. Going to save us a packet
  3. Or synch iPad to iTunes then you can drag and drop which apps you want where you want them
  4. From what I can see it was an American homeland security campaign to raise awareness about terrorists. Why it's on a Sheffield bus is beyond me. Unless its a publicity stunt for a film or something. http://killough.us/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/see_something_lg.png
  5. A cut down sim should work ( it did with mine) then I just plugged it into iTunes and it did the rest for me
  6. Which issues the one where his employer was paying N.I contributions to a wrong NI number as a woman? It's wrongly assumed by some people that if they are working then they will be paying stamp when it's not always the case and they only discover it when they need to fall back on their contributions.
  7. They seem to still be sorting out the backlog from the errant postie, we just had a packet delivered for our neighbour who has since moved postmarked 11th April 2011.
  8. Yep and it's 5 years down the line, and they said it wouldn't last
  9. I believe the app has nothing to do with the forum.
  10. Unless its the postie about who this thread refers then you get nothing at all
  11. postie suspended after hiding scores of letters & parcels
  12. I'm not Pete, unfortunately new work takes e out of the area for most of the working week but I'm happy to share what I know if the organisers want to pm me.
  13. It's not rumour btw, I had a very long and difficult battle to get that far with the council on this one when I was environmental projects officer for Hillsborough Forum, we really wanted to get this land back into use ASAP but the council put a stop on it.
  14. Well when I had a meeting with the new allotments officer post clearance and the funding being 'reallocated' it was on a site visit where I put forward the proposition for a community orchard and growing space. I was told under no circumstances would it be allowed due to the nature of what may cross over from soil to crop. Health and safety was the reason given. If my memory serves me well a figure of £14k was quoted to do the full analysis.
  15. The allotments were taken back by the council around 2008 as part of a plan with the nhs. There was a £50k grant to create family food growing plots, these would be allocated to families with health issues where a more active lifestyle and healthier diet would be beneficial. Contractors were brought in the clear the land and has been said they ploughed asbestos etc from old sheds into the soil. The £50k was then reallocated to the allotment project at parson cross park. I had a meeting with the head of allotments at the time who advised me that the expense of testing for levels of contamination were too high to be paid for and as it stood the land was unfit for the purposes of food growing. Edit to add: these allotments were not Covenanted plots they were faux allotments which it why they were allowed to be repossessed in the first place.
  16. You ought to find out where it goes and ask to see their waste carriers license
  17. So you pay £5.50 per collection, where do they take your rubbish??
  18. If the landlord doesn't comply the council will remove it and bill him directly
  19. It seems to be the thing to do these days take a traditional rural pubs and gentrify them for folk to drive out to of a weekend to have lunch. I was out the other weekend and after a snowy walk arrived in the village, one pub boasted a welcome walkers sign - then instructed walkers to leave their boots in the porch outside. It was all restaurant wanna be food and plush carpets, whereas the pub over the road had a carpeted bar and a flag floored room, no pretences and they served a decent pint and some nice grub. Much more honest and welcoming. I hate that country pubs seem to not want those folk using the countryside in them anymore and would rather go for the 4x4 family willing to spend £70 on crap food and 4 j2os before they tootle of back to the burbs.
  20. Yes it's trespass and to remove items from the land would be a theft as now they are there they are the sole property of the landowner
  21. I never buy beer with tokens at pride, I take a picnic .. Tyranna, this was in response to the poster talking about taking fake tenners
  22. From reading the blurb it's a private company who are touring putting this show on all over the country as a self contained event. Edit : beer is to be bought via a token system apparently.
  23. Does platform know about this event? fake festival in Hillsborough park
  24. Just had a guy drop off flyers for this sheffield fake festival all going down in Hillsborough park this June. Thought you might like to know
  25. I've encountered the ghost when my sister was relief managing the queens head (pre 93) Aside from glasses moving about when our back was turned. We closed up one night turning everything off except the tap lights and went out for a late drink in a club. Came back and all the lights were on and the doors in the upstairs living had all been opened. I only stayed the one night
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