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  1. The BS7858 comprises of the following checks


    Identity checks

    •ID confirmation

    •Five years address history

    •Right to Work check

    •Character references

    •SIA Licence check (if applicable)


    Financial checks

    •Bankruptcy / Insolvency / IVA

    •CCJ (Up to £10,000)

    •Credit score


    Employment Checks

    •Five or 10 years employment history

    •Gap referencing (more in-depth and extended to 31 days)


    Criminal records

    • Basic Disclosure

  2. I can't walk to Walkley, but I can walk to Hillsborough, for a quick whatever I want. The selection isn't great, but we do have some decent butchers, a fishmonger and hopefully, in the near future now that it has turned the corner, a few more classy stores I'd actually make the effort to go for.


    Beeches should open a second store in Hillsborough, it will be a success. Maybe that is what needs to happen to the dilapidated electrical store.


    I think the fishmonger has sadly gone now.

  3. Agreed Jehad nice bloke top dentist, had teeth removed etc, like I say I would recommend, Also I have found the receptionist, when not busy helpful chatty and nice . I for one can't understand that some of the comments on here are about the very same place I go to...



    This makes me so happy. I am petrified of the dentist and the one I was seeing there is leaving to move to London. My next appointment is with Jehad so feel reassured hes a nice bloke (literally shake when I'm in the chair)


    ---------- Post added 05-04-2016 at 15:16 ----------


    A friend of mine went there two weeks ago as an NHS, patient (for a routine check-up) They asked for £40, for a clean and polish after the inspection. I thought this was part of the check-up, but on looking at the NHS, website, it says "if clinically needed" I don't recall seeing this stipulation before has it been changed ?


    The charge of £40 is for a deep clean and polish with a dental hygienist (I had one in February which was in addition to my regular check up)

  4. Wrong. The CSA gets involved if a woman has a child and claims out of work benefits while caring for the child. The CSA's job in these situations is to claw back the money she is claiming from the father to pay back the government.


    The CSA also gets involved if the resident parent has tried all means possible to amicably agree a fair amount of financial contribution to the cost of raising a child. This being a last resort where deduction from earnings is the only way to get any contribution at all from the absent father/mother


    The resident parent can be on benefits/in work/self employed it is used regardless of employment status.

  5. Be nice to actually know what kind of people will be housed here. Sounds like a done deal to me. We only received a proposal today. This is a residential street. Will there be people hanging around at all hours. How can a proper objection be given without adequate information/time scale to do so?


    from an email dated 4th March.


    "We are letting to nurses mainly from Northern general, there will NOT be a high concentration ofsocial tenants. Most of our tenants don't require parking and given the close proximity to the bus routes and main shopping area and the hospital this will not be an issue.


    All the rear will be fenced off and protected and bins to be stored at the back. If not then we can store them at the front in the fenced off area. All the fencing is required to protect the property and inhabitants.


    Please can you advise the council that we are looking to provide much needed accommodation to workers in the area, also good quality and we will be improving what is a run down and disused building. Effectively we are looking to add to the regeneration of the area."

  6. I'm just looking for a rough guide before taking ages to put personal details in these comparison sites and initiate loads of cold calls and junk mail. I was going to say the phone is registered with CTPS but it doesn't seem to bother some companies.


    Just put in imaginary information, only your age and sex need to be real. (thats what I do)

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