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  1. I know, I find it hard to believe that people still fall for this stuff. I got a bad vibe just looking at the home page. My girlfriend is rather upset, it's a shame I wasn't there at the time of ordering, but you live and you learn So how do we go about getting the money back? It is a Visa credit card, just ring their helpline and go from there? Thanks for all the replies
  2. I was looking for some advice. Just found out my girlfriend has ordered her mum some Ugg boots for christmas from http://www.bootsuuk.com She used an old email when placing the order, and the account has since been deactived. So she tried to contact the website regarding this issue and possibly getting the address changed. However, when trying to send them an email, she got an error message when trying to use their online email system. She told me about this and I've had a quick look, and I have to say it looks like a fake to me. Starting right from the domain name through to spelling mistakes etc on the website, empty sections under customer support and a very dodgy looking WHOIS report etc etc, it just carries on. So my questions are these: Although I probably don't need to ask, would you agree this site is a fake? If so, will she be able to get the money back as it was bought on a credit card. I'm wondering if the credit card insurance covers such things? I would really appreciate some advice on this, not had to deal with this before.
  3. I felt the same as you, I text and email a lot on my phone, so wanted a keypad. I had a Nokia E71 for 18 months, and two days ago upgraded to the E72 because I loved my old one that much! The E72 is great, does everything the E71 did, but better. Oh and the free satnav for life is pretty attractive. Very robust and easy to use phone, probably slightly easier than a Blackberry in my opinion. Definitely worth a look
  4. Hi, I've recently gone to uni, and taken my new laptop with me. Every time I open my computer, it shows me a long list of hundreds of other computers on the network that are sharing files etc. I would like to know if there is any way to disable this? I am running windows 7, and have already disable the Windows Media Player Network sharing service. My network connection type is also set to public. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, I am having problems getting my desktop pc to connect to the network in the house. I have a D-Link wireless router, and the two laptops in the house still connect fine. The desktop PC ran fine on the network for a few months, but recently has not been able to connect. I get an 'unable to obtain IP address' message when I try and connect. Also, if I disable and reanable the network adapter on the desktop PC, I get a blue screen shortly after. Does this mean the network adaptor is buggered on my PC? It's an onboard LAN connection on an Asus P5K motherboard. Please help, I will provide any other details needed
  6. I've had a bit of a play around with the image. The red appears to be the clothes of a small cartoon man, the pale blob on top being the face, with a green hat. Also, looks like he's carrying a box to the left, possibly a pizza box or something similar, and an arm in the air on the other side. I'm not from Sheffield though, so won't be able to place it. Just seeing what I can find
  7. Unfortunately, Logic3 is right I was cheeky and kept the HDD from my old PS3 when I sent it off. Put it in the new console and it wouldn't let me touch it without formatting. At least I found out how to redownload all my PSN stuff!
  8. If it goes green when you turn it on, then yellow for a second before flashing red, it's dead (YLOD). Happened to mine on the weekend Sony will charge you £131 to deliver a new console to your house, unless its still in warranty, in which case it will be free. Give them a ring on 08705 99 88 77
  9. My PS3 died this weekend, and it was mid game so I had no chance to back up any data. My replacement from Sony is arriving tomorrow, and its the exact same model. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I can just plug the HDD from the old unit into the new one and access all my saves, downloads etc? I've tried to google but am currently at work and the filter is rather strict! Thanks for any help
  10. If that's what concerned you most about such a brilliant piece of television, I am actually quite shocked. But to stick to the subject at hand, I have to say I entirely believe it was Tom's own (true) time. Clarkson mentioned in speaking to him afterwards about his reasonable racing experience. And if he's got enough balls to so most of his own stunts, I see no reason for him not to get the car on two wheels. I doubt it cost him time, it's a more direct route to the line, and also means he doesn't lose any speed to the woeful understeer they have mentioned more than once. I don't really like Tom Cruise, there's something odd about him. But you gotta hand it to him, he drove that car dam hard and fast.
  11. I found an extension for Firefox called CoolIris, that lets you browse photos from the internet or your computer in an amazing way! It puts them all on a 3D wall and you can fly past them, enlarge the ones you want and generally browse. It's hard to explain but its just a great way to browse/show off your photos. Cooliris Just wanted to share, take a look at their website, i'm sure you'll be just as amazed
  12. My internet connection keeps dropping out when programs use it. If I play HALO online, and I leave a game, I usually have to wait a minute or two for the internet to work again. This happens when other programs use the internet to download files too. If I go into network connections and disable then reenable my network connection, it comes back on instantly. Is there any reason for this? I am with Virgin media broadband and have a ZyXEL router.
  13. I want to end my contract with 3. Its an 18 month contract, due to expire in June, but I'm not happy with the minutes and texts I get per month as I use them easily and can get a lot more elsewhere for the same price. I asked them if I could just end the contract but they said I would have to pay the remaining monthly charges anyway (so I would have to pay £20 for every month til June), so its the same as just carrying it on. I do get poor/very poor signal in most places and none at all in a few regular places, do you think I could get the contract ended under the terms that they are not providing the appropriate service, and then not have to pay the remaining months? Please help!
  14. ok thanks for the advice. I know it could get me in trouble but how can they prove I was the main driver? Its hard times, would struggle to be able to afford £2300 per year for insurance on a clio 1.2 from 1994 for my own policy even if it was happy days... I could take the other common root among friends of my age and just drive without insurance, but i'd rather not. For £727 a year as a named driver earning NCB I think i'll take the risk. If it goes wrong you have my permission to say I told you so!
  15. I've just passed my driving test, and was wondering if it is legal for my Dad to be the main policy holder on two seperate policies? The idea being one for his car, and me being the named driver on a second car that he is also the policy holder on. Is this naughty naughty or ok?
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