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  1. You may have noticed the printed leaflets giving these run out today. The days remain the same and can be seen on the Veolia site. new ones will only be sent out if there are any changes across the city to the current collection days.
  2. Worrall Road between top of Wadsley park estate and Worrall Just been told that it is very flooded due to water coming off the fields.
  3. Builders used to buy plots of land to build houses and then sell them. If you look carefully along, say, a street of terraced houses the different decorations around windows and door lintels, along gutters or brickwork inserts can show the number of plots bought and houses built by each different builder. This applies to other types of housing e.g. semis as in this case but can be easily seen comparing terraces.
  4. Elinor and Ida Bedford lived at 57 Main Street in the 1946 Electoral register.
  5. Cockshutts Lane by junction with Horse Croft lane in Oughtibridge
  6. It happens all the time when no trams, no traffic is waiting to come out of the tram car park or traffic out of the flats are triggering it and it is extremely frustrating to sit there at the lights at the tram stop as I travel into and out of town and watch this happening for no reason. It needs proper monitoring of the lights over a period of about half an hour to see how often it happens and then the fault traced and remedied.
  7. Still closed now at 4.10 pm. and yes it was always open whilst the match was underway only shut at beginning and end. I think it has been closed all through the game. Major disruption to traffic and buses.
  8. Have you searched the Library and Archives website for Sheffield City Council?
  9. Thanks for the info Zakes, brings back memories for myself and I will pass it on to my sister. I started at Abbeydale in 1962.
  10. Many schools have already tried to offer good second hand uniform items to parents but they find that this gets little take up for the effort they put in to do it and so stop this service.
  11. And so presumably you have the permission of the WoodlandTrust to do this?
  12. Report to 101 the police are logging this kind of activity.
  13. People are still using the replacement zebra crossing on Leppings Lane so be careful but also be aware that because it has no belisha beacons it is not legally compliant with legislation for zebra crossings.
  14. Search britishcouncil.org/film for Steel filmed in Sheffield, Clydeside and South Wales. I am sure that people will be able to identify their relatives, friends or work colleagues. And a stunning lack of safety gear and protective measures for the workers. Should be shown at Kelham Island Museum alongside the River Don film they show.
  15. I have some so would be interested in finding an answer to the question.
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