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  1. Can any body tell me how do you shut down/ close a thread?
  2. OMG, You lot are so weired :L. your always joking
  3. I live on hammerton road, my grandad says its one of the terrice houses at the bottom
  4. Helecopter just been over top of my house in hillsbrough
  5. Hi, Does anybody know what happend the other Morning on Carnaby? We live very close and my grandad saw a firetruck! All i know is there has been a canabice factory found and it has sat a light. but the people who was running it has been using the next door neighbors electricity.
  6. I have A trampoline but it is 4 years old and i need a new one because 6 of the springs have come of. I have seen one but it is £90 and my one that i have now only cost £75. i have looked on argos, tesco and toysRus i dont know were else i could look. Please . Were can i get one from ?
  7. Try card factory they have mugs with aunty, auntie, mum, mummy and nanny. look there really cheap
  8. Sainsburys are selling them or i think if you nip into myers grove secondry school they are selling them
  9. Thanks i will keep you in mind, because i live in hillsbrough and go to my grandmaras and aunties everyweekend so i will pop in one day. But if i come in shall i ask for some inperticular? Oh and are you the flowershop near coopland?
  10. Its my mums birthday next wednesday(18th) BUT i dont no what toget her. my brother has got her a t-shirt, but i want toget her somthing diffrent. But i also have to sort a mothers day prezzie out.please please please help, any suggestions. oh i have around a £15 budget x
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