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  1. I suspect the introduction of an alternative has much to do with the original painting tools becoming old hat, we need a newer fresher way to do stuff don't we (apparantly)
  2. Because councils albeit courtesy of DEFRA are now responsible for strays and abandoned dogs, in turn the council in their capacity to serve the public should make every effort to insure that the animals that are not reclaimed, that go up for adoption cannot add to the problem. No-ones asking the council to 'go round' enforcing neutering and spaying, the council have the dogs in their possession, do it before they leave council property.. Something we can agree on. It should be nightmare to obtain a dog without proof that you are capable of looking after it and providing the very basics in care and welfare.
  3. 'Aaaah! gawd bless ya mum, your the sort o' the erf'
  4. Don't mess with the Temptress Kayone3, she not nice when she angry:evil:
  5. Apology accepted whoever you are:D The drop may be significant as you say but the problem of strays will persist until the laws are tightened on breeding and there is a concerted effort; particularly by councils, to install a programme of neutering and spaying dogs that are already in care as these are currently at risk of being adopted for breeding purposes by no marks who show no aptitude or intelligence for legitimate employment.
  6. I agree and as far as reputable breeders go I'm sure this is the case but it can't work with shelters and sanctuaries because of the assortment of dogs that arrive there including all manner of crossbreeds. With the best will in the world staff cannot know what ailments may occur with each type or breed. The problem on the streets is caused by morons who know nothing and who's interests lie in profit. These invariably are what people view when they set out to adopt. It's already been established that home checks are not infallible as people determined to breed indiscriminantly will give and show a false address in order to obtain stock. Information such as you suggest on feeding/exercise are already a part of normal adoption procedures and as many owners have experience of dogs a lot of the additional information is already known. Problems occur through lack of experience/knowledge/patience they simply do not put the time in to get the results they desire.
  7. With close on 200 breeds of dogs to choose from being aware of the medical issues that go with them is a tall order. Define a suitable home
  8. Whatever the outcome between the factions, it remains that one or both will be dealing with a symptom and not the cause. Yes we all want the best for the animals that wind up in care but if the need for the service continues to grow because of a disrespect for their lives by a minority of the public then there is where the effort should be made.
  9. A shame then that the strays without collar/tag and microchip cannot be recognised as dumped and so invite the RSPCA to take a few in.
  10. There's nothing inherrantly wrong with the country it's the people in it that drag it down. One of the problems is that violence is generally used to deter violence whether physically or verbally. If physical reaction is expected then it's reasonable to assume that the initial 'attack will itself be of a violent nature as the risk of injury is not one people are prepared to take. Between us we've created a society that enjoys violence, we pay to see it, the fact that virtual reality has become the reality is a progression of our own entertainment values.
  11. Another issue ducked out of then. Pleased we finally established how many dogs you took from the pound though. As to what work you do I care little, the real work is done by people who put their balls on the line each day to make a difference and aren't hiding behind a glossy facade.
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