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  1. I work in IT. drive a company Range Rover. Don't have to be a doctor or anything to earn a good wage
  2. usually works, right up to today when i had to ask one of them to move out of my way, he deliberately stepped into my path.
  3. perhaps miserable was not the correct choice of words. Angry may be a little more apt, You can see them preying on old and foreigners. makes me angry, then when they actively stand in your path it gets worse, they should be licensed if they really have to be there, on fargate They looked to be more collectors than shoppers! ---------- Post added 06-08-2015 at 18:26 ---------- http://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/national/charity-chuggers-could-face-crackdown-regulator-warns-1-7388418
  4. Never seen so many. some even had the audacity to ignore me shaking my head and then stand in my way, telling me how much my Direct Debit would mean to them. This needs to stop, they are making peoples trips to town miserable.
  5. dont install what you dont know, read the permission page. if a game you install is asking to read your contacts or text automatically, then do not install. This is all really, the OS is pretty transparent, all you need to do is read and know what you install.
  6. best advice so far. and this will cost you nothing if its a blocked GPU Fan
  7. people also used to take a dump in a bucket and throw it out the front window. Fortunately mankind has progressed.
  8. thanks for that. from the postcode I have, it shows being connected to Mosborough? s20 6q
  9. Ive just had a look as moving to owlthorpe and it only shows 2-3 meg BT broadband? is this correct? will be like going back to the stone ages!
  10. use dropbox. its free and can sync between devices
  11. those options look like you are trying to open a avi or mp4 file (video) as a picture. windows is trying to tell you this, if you read it
  12. windows 8.1 right click on new window in bottom left. power options are there, so now its only 1 click to see them
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