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  1. Hey people, some help on this would be great! we live in a 1bed small flat and our landlord has offered us a HUGE 1bed flat downstairs. Its 120 a week so not affordable...unless we claim as it is a 2bed shared accommodation so seperate tenancy's same address, he is happy to write them and we are happy to do it. Problem is we already claim as partners so how would it work with jsa/housing benefits if we do this, could we do this at all? we will tell them we are still together as to not be fraudulant!
  2. I personally think 'text talk' depends on the person, I do slip up as I used to use my phone for the internet although now I just use my laptop...Poor spelling does annoy me a little bit but only when its simple words like no and know...I find half the people on my facebook misspell that one, really bugs me lol!
  3. fireworks? no lol im pretty sure they move...lol...i think mars was the best explanation ive had, makes the most sense
  4. lmao i think tbh it was mars, i googled sum stuff earlier and it says that the day we saw it (like every day) it can be seen but it was around that time as well, so problem solved, we thought it moved but maybe it didnt. thats enough of an answer for me lol =) and as for take away, would it not have been cold by then? lol lol you do get sum idiots on here, funny how they hide behind the internet though aint it! They just have nothing better to do with their lives..simples! =)
  5. ha ha yeah i knew people were going to be like that anywho =) i dont think it was aliens lol, i just thought there might have been some other explanation, it deffo wasnt a chinese lantern tho, it was stuck in the middle of the sky and dint once go orange lol. it was probably very explanable...i should have stated that i didnt think it was aliens in my post though lol
  6. and no it wasnt an orange chinese lantern lol, I know what they look like i have seen hundreds, and they dont flash =/
  7. Hey people, a couple of nights ago me and my boyfriend had noticed a strange light in the sky, it wasnt moving (much) it was way too high up to be a helicopter just hovering, it was kind of flashing, red and green. It started to move but when it did, it moved further away rather than up or down or left or right. Was rather strange, this was from my window on london road. just wondering if anybody else had seen it or knew what it was? we didn't watch it for long enough to see it disappear so dont know if it faded or what but we was watching it for easily 15 minutes.
  8. ahh thank you =) so my payment should be completely normal then thats good to know =)...now to look for a job - again - everybody has already got the people they need!! thanks people!!
  9. funnily enough i have and they dont know...even told me they are open over xmas...which i highly doubt
  10. Hi all! I sign on, on the 18th of december and im just wondering, what with all the job centers being closed over certain days for christmas, when will I be paid? I know they do the whole early payment thing, but I need to know the exast-ish date it will be. My normal pay day would be the 22nd, or 23rd if they decide to pay it into my post office account. Is anybody else signing the same day and know when they are paid? Or anybody work for them and can give me a little info about it? Thanks for reading and hopefully helping =) Stephazine!
  11. You will be automatically signed on, with an early paymet too if that is your signing on day, i am positive of this most people get 2 payments over xmas which is nice when u get it but it leaves u a while with no money, same thing normally happens over new year too, they will explain all this to you at your signing day anyway...but knowin the job center they wont lol, so just wait till ur nex signing day and on ask your advisor then to check on the system which payments are going to be sent out and when and they will tell you as long as there isnt a complete idiot dealing with ya...which they normally are! lol
  12. I love the place Very gud place to go if u feel like meeting new ppl and your open to a gud laugh. I'm neither alternative nor 'chav' so I think if your a versatile enough person and you can listen to rock music (which I gotta say is not bad at all thanks to the juke box) then you'd have a great night...I always do
  13. 22 Yrs Old, No Kids No Pets, Smoker ( dont mind non smoking flat ...never too hard to stand outside for a cig ) looking for a 1 bed property, even a clean bigish bedsit will do. Would ask for furnished althought not necessary! PM me with all details pls, rent, bond, furnished or not, area...ect and i will get back to you a.s.a.p ... does not necessarily need to be in Sheffield. NO AGENCIES...thank you...Stephanie
  14. Hey, Me and my partner are living in a 1 bed flat currently, we have lived there for less than 6 months. He is the tenant and i am only down on the housing benefits as living there and that is as a friend although the job center do now know it is as a couple. My name has always been on the housing benefits. Since he has been living there he has learnt that his cousin lives a few floors up. He does not get on with that side of the family and has started getting constant threats from his cousin and friends, although they have not been reported to the police. About a week ago his door was booted off, nothing taken apart from small things that were on show anyway, as if who ever kicked the door off was not there to steal anything. He has also got somebody after him, all to do with this family who twice now has been to his front door and kicked it, pulled it, shouted through the letterbox and it is very clear that he is wanting to hospitalise my partner. Both the last 2 incidents have been reported to the police. Obviously all this has made my partner rather scared to go back to the flat and he is going to go to the council monday morning. He has been told by his support worker that he could get a move through not being able to afford it as his rent is over £35 a fortnight and he is on the sick and has to pay all that as it is distrct heating. Does anybody know if the council will take that as enough for harrassement, if he should ask for a move through affordability and or if they'll move me with him? And how would they go about it, would they move him into a bnb or what? Any replies are extremely helpful! Steph
  15. Personally I would never use firefox ever again, Google 'firefox spyware' and you will see why...it could leak possible info of yours to random places. I used it for a long time untill a very good resource told me to 'get it off my laptop immediatly' once I did I found that most of the problems I had with the laptop miraculously vanished. . . Just a polite warning
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