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  1. My Mother was 10 years old when the bombs started dropping on Sheffield. I made a special trip with my family to South Street over looking the city centre. Got there at 6.38pm. The lights were already shining but not very visible. It was cloudy. 7pm came and heard nothing. 7.15pm came and I heard a very faint siren but only for a short while, a few seconds. It sounded like the siren that goes off on Leopold Street at 1pm everyday above the jewellers. Extremely disappointing in all of this to be honest. There were so many people that came to watch on South Street of all ages. Many had tripods and cameras. The atmosphere fell flat at around 7.20pm and people started to leave. I remember in the 80's the sirens going off. I was only young and very scared. Apparently if I remember rightly I was told they were in the Manor Top area and went off by accident. This is what I was expecting tonight.
  2. Thank you for all your replies and views. Ive contacted the appropriate department advised and because in the area where Biffa are collecting from so early has been explained to me it is not in a busy area where there's no parking problems or traffic later on in the day that there's no reason to be so early and that they should never have been going there in a residential area in the first place just after 5am. The waste that is been collected are from large shops waste and the banging is really loud. The matter is been taken very serious from the city council.
  3. Hello everyone, A Biffa front loader is waking people up on our street often just after 5am in the morning. I have been contacting Biffa in High Wycombe since Summer and they say they shouldn't be in a residential area before 7am and also reply with they will give the driver a different route but it still keeps happening. Today it was 5.53am. Usually it's around 5.20am. Anyone had professional experience with what to do next?
  4. The music is still playing, Sunday after lunch. Its been in many threads on here over the years. Just looked at Ripon Street nice bit of land there. People walking away from the area. A minutes drive away. ---------- Post added 23-08-2015 at 13:09 ---------- Sheffield Council do not give permission. Music cannot be played outdoors after 11pm. Even when Don Valley hosted bands, had to be over before 11pm.
  5. This has been going on for years around this time of year. Last year it was September time. Mostly it's around August Bank Holiday. The music usually comes from the opposite side of Don Valley train track, sometimes Grenoside from what Ive gathered over the years. 101 will do nothing. 101 usually say the police know about it and once the music has started there is nothing that can be done and that's why year after year it will always go ahead.
  6. No, the Poll Tax wasn't fair. You could have a Man working, living with his wife, bringing up children in a council house paying two lots of Poll Tax for himself AND his wife where a wealthy person living on their own in a mansion paid just one lot. Poll Tax was never fair and that's why it was changed.
  7. The iPhone 5s in White & Silver went missing in the Birley area last week. If you have found or have recently bought one off another person please email me as a reward will be paid, Thank you.
  8. Ours has finally been collected today, 3 weeks since our last collection. The Bin Lorry will take 2 extra bin bags if placed at the side of the bin.
  9. Our bin should have been collected last Saturday and they still haven't been. Will be 3 weeks on Friday since they last emptied the bins.
  10. The Police know exactly where the location is on waste ground behind the train track at Don Valley. Once the music starts the Police will not do anything about it. ---------- Post added 01-09-2014 at 18:34 ---------- The Police never do anything about it. It's been going on for years. ---------- Post added 01-09-2014 at 18:43 ---------- Its the same outdoor music. Music travels for miles depending on the wind direction. I haven't heard the music for 2 years to be honest. 2 years ago it was so loud you could hear it with the windows closed kept me and my family up all night, ended around 12pm on the Sunday afternoon. Once it gets after 11pm the night before if I remember correctly 101 will do nothing, even said the music played, people had a license which the council says they haven't. I want people to have a great time but outdoor music all night is disrespectful to many living in Sheffield if the wind is sending it in a Certain direction. They also play music, off Bernard Road.
  11. The police are very aware of music both where you live and at Don Valley and will never do anything about it once the music has started. Numerous people have let 101 know over the years. The music will always go ahead.
  12. You are correct. You need a receipt for your business and accounts. Receipts over the tax year soon add up. I would advise you to ask for a receipt before you buy goods.
  13. Hello, I home educated my child and just before they turned 16, someone came out to talk about GCSE's. The only subjects available for my child and this is only 3 years ago was Maths, English and English Lit. They said Science was not available as my child would not have done any experiments. The exams were not free been of which came to near £600 each. I was told I would have to pay for them to take the exams.
  14. There is a 'City Wide' 'Daily' and 'Weekly' ticket which is valid on the tram and bus in the Sheffield Zone. This ticket can be bought on any First or Stagcoach transport and used on all First Buses, Stagecoach buses and the Supertram. The weekly costs £17 and the daily costs £4.30.
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