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  1. I am 61 year old living in supported housing scheme I have m.s and my needs are getting more I am not happy about my care and dont feel my needs are getting met,social servic es are less than useless the care is run by one comp any who care for a range of people,the carers are so busy and don't have time,I am thinking a personal assistant may be the way forward but don't know where to start grateful for any advice. Many thanks
  2. lived on jenkinson street from 1957 to 64 margaret Gold was the name
  3. I am desperate to buy a minature yorkshire terrier because I disabled cannot travel very far does any one have any info on breeders in sheffield...margaret
  4. I am looking to buy does anyone know of any breeders in around sheffield,many thanks........margaret
  5. I am finding it difficult to get to hairdresses does anyone have any info on hairdresser who could visit me at home,need it cutting badly so fed up these days anyone can help please let me know live in S4 area.......many thanks, marg
  6. Hi could anyone please advise me about transport have multiple sclerosis,wheelchair user and do not drive want to get to catcliffe couple times a week to therapy center,who do I contact to get transport this all new to me but have decided need to try help myself just don't know where to start any advice welcome.....many thanks margaret
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