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  1. Does any one know if the Wharncliffe Arms has closed . . . again?
  2. Can anyone recommend puppy classes in the S35 area please. Thanks.
  3. I have noticed a lot more activity of late, there is a bird in the nest box now, looks like its digging out a scrape and she is also looking as if she's trying to lay an egg. Isn't it too soon??
  4. There were 2 armed police officers in Meadowhall on Saturday, wasn't sure whether to feel reassured or alarmed that they knew something I didn't!
  5. The letter from the planning dept referred to it as low cost, not social housing.
  6. Is it that i catch the Sheffield chicks being fed at the wrong moment, or is there one chick ( in the middle now) that never seems to get its fair share of food. It always seems to be looking the wrong way whenever I see them being fed?!
  7. Both parents are taking it in turns to sit on the eggs, although they left the eggs unattended this afternoon for a short while. I am spending this relatively boring time trying to work out who is mum and who is Dad. Just when I think I have it sussed, something happens to prove otherwise.
  8. I wasn't sure if the chicks were identified, but if they were, would the parent recognise their own?!
  9. Is there a possibility that this potentially new female could be a previous daughter? Or would she be too young to breed??? I know that the 2014 young adults returned to St Georges early 2015, but were chased off by the resident adults.
  10. Morning all!! Just a couple of questions! Is it only the male that is ringed and do we know yet if its the same female????
  11. I've also done a bit of investigating. Apparently the female has a speckled "bib" above her white tummy. The male is all white on his front.
  12. Can someone tell me how to tell the male and female apart please. I'm never sure who is on the nest!
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