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  1. Hi there it might be a coincidence but I think not For Sarah read Sally White who married Clifford Gault they were my Aunt and Uncle they had two children Dorothy and Clifford. Are these the folk.
  2. I remember Geoff and Ian very well hope you are both fit and happy I moved to the Scottish Highlands in 81 and now have a small farm. Do you remember Dave Hartle and Pete Wallace
  3. Hi there I did my apprentice ship at E.S.C . Then at Hadfield's, Brown Bayley's and C G Carlyle.Then off to sunnier climes.Regards
  4. Hi Daisy Bank road is next to Fawcett street if memory and Google serve me well It is or was off St Phillips road.
  5. Graham White was my cousin, his dad my uncle had the fruit and veg shop and his dad had it before him.Most of my family lived in the street.The Ogdens the Gaults the Lomax's.and the Whites we lived in Martin Lane.
  6. My name is Ian White went to Shireclife 1958 to 1963 left school with a 25 yard a swimming certificate. I was terrified of Mr Stavely still rubbish at woodwork .On the up side I Mr Hurst for history and Miss wright for English still two of my favourite subjects. Does anyone remember Dave Hartle Ian Smith or Geoff Holland
  7. my name is Ian White and we lived there from 1949 to 1959 . My extended family lived in Martin street my grandad sold fruit and veg from a shop and also from a horse and cart.
  8. If the unit was new when you bought it .Irrespective of the the guarantee period which I assume was for 12 months. You still have rights speak to the consumer protection people. If it has failed and its no fault of yours. Then it is obviously a component that was not fit for purpose. The manufacturer is responsible. Give it a try
  9. Maybe you should Read the Wealth of Nations.. Consumers want the cheapest product irrespective of where it comes from. Hence globalisation. Trump whose policies I abhor wanted to go back to isolationism unfortunately its too late. We are a global society and we cannot and should not change .Globalisation is the only way the world and its human population can survive. The worlds problems can only be solved by all the peoples on this planet working together. It will not be in my lifetime and not in my children's but maybe by the time my great great grandchildren arrive we will have ceased to think in nationalistic terms. Why did you quote Hitler?
  10. Had our engagement party there in November 1967.Was a nice place then. Allthough all my family came from the area it was never my local we visited Sheffield a couple of years ago and had a look at the place shame it is like it is.Ian
  11. I think you are right he did have brothers.They left the Kelvin in the late sixties and moved on to the Flower estate which I suppose was a great improvement at that time.Lost touch in the 70's.when we left Sheffield.But the boys should still be around,Michael George and Kevin.
  12. I cannot place Straw lane.I believe it was Jenkinson street where they lived.It was a tiny one up one down house in the corner of a big yard.
  13. I went to frecheville infants from 1955 and then Basegreen for juniors before going back up to Frecheville secondary We walked a long way in those days never thought anything about it though
  14. Georgie Woodward was my uncle and a Rag and Bone on the Kelvin.He was married to to Grace and they had three sons and a daughter.Michael andI think David and forgive me I cannot remember the other two.Nearly fifty years since we were last i touch. Sad really
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