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  1. Try again: http://l.bitcasa.com/_jfj4EPh
  2. This is non-stop when my pc is in hibernation, but ceases when I disconnect from the router. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v631/Antsphotos/Security.jpg
  3. It's hardly likely to be authentic dialogue using an online translation service. But thank you anyway.
  4. I need some help from you knowledgeable forumers out there with a working knowledge of Italian. It has to be authentic, mind - it's for a radio script. The context, if needed, is: Period: 1913 Two Italian officials are preparing to liberate homing pigeons. Shouldn't be too difficult, should it?
  5. The notepad is visible on my browser, if that's what you're asking. You may want someone to take a look at copywriting the page by the way, your blurb is a little tortuous.
  6. You, Moonbird, are a little star. I'll send out a few tentative pms and ask for the thread to be whisked away if I can find a helpful pigeon lover. Thank you!
  7. I've found that since JoeP left many moons ago, this forum suffers very badly at the hands of trolls. I try not to use it because of that - a serious attempt at setting the tone for the thread can very often get chewed up and spat out as a dozen clever dicks post inane one-liners and digs - some subjects are more prone to it than others. I've found it helps, a little, to growl at the first person that indulges. No offense. Now, firmly back on topic. Anything else remotely unrelated or unhelpful will incur the click of a report button. No idea if that will get a result, but there you go. ...Pigeon fanciers, anybody?
  8. It's ok, if there are definitely fanciers in here I may well be in luck. Thank you, and my apologies for the grumpiness.
  9. Hmm. Not the greatest move I've seen, shunting this to 'Pet Owners', given that the very person I'm after may not keep pigeons any more and may not have a pet...
  10. Is there anyone on here who has a good deal of experience keeping - and preferably racing - pigeons? I'm writing a radio play about a Derby pigeon fancier and I've a few questions that are mounting up that I've not come across the answers to in my research. I just need someone in the know to whom I can send the odd quick question, either on here or by email. Anyone willing to help that knows pigeons inside out, upside down, and if it's not asking too much, back to front?
  11. If the water is flouride free, I'd be interested in buying it. It'd be a damned sight cheaper than buying a filter. Stupidity doesn't come into it - if you want the product, you buy it.
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