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  1. Scrap Thursdays, block book all of Ponds for Tuesdays, allocate two courts for competitive games.
  2. Four people have voted here. Four. 4. That's not nearly enough. COME ON PEOPLE!!!!! GET VOTING.
  3. I've just been out and cleared the road from my house to the main road in Crookes, and gritted it, some 200yds of pavement. I've done this primarily for my two elderly neighbours who are quite independent but not good on the snow. I've had a few comments, but mainly people really appreciated what I was doing. One woman moaned that it was easier to walk on the snow, but that was before I'd gritted. About half an hour after I'd started, a chap up the road came out to do his bit. Another fella went down the road to check the grit bins for us both. Do your bit. Even if it snows and covers over later today, I've made it possible for people on my road to get out and get some bread and milk more easily. I'm knackered, but have had some exercise. I've now got the nicest cuppa I've ever had. Life's short - helping others, albeit in a small way will put a smile on their faces, and that's a great thing to do.
  4. any coming up that you could point me in the direction of? [mods, please leave this here a day or so, they just get lost in the megathread]
  5. On Thursday nights I particularly enjoyed the challenge of playing with feathers, and when moving on to play badminton against other 'competitive' players, they indeed insist feathers is the way they play. I like to think having played with feathers has improved my 'plastics' game. But then I'm rubbish full stop so what would i know?
  6. Sheffield. And I'm a Rotherhamer. As you head up Bawtry Road the boundary passes just before the Aurora sports ground.
  7. We had two parcels delivered by Royal Mail yesterday ie: Sunday. Mighty happy. Were they late? Were they early? Who knows.
  8. What a shame - I'd filmed this on behalf of a corporate client last year and it was a really good thing for Rotherham. The plans for the area were fantastic too.
  9. So you've got Sunflowers by Van Gogh, The Haywain by Constable, the Mona Lisa. Tell you what, I'll give you a fiver for the lot. I've got one i painted in honour of Sheffield Forumites. It's a bloke fishing next to the canal, there's a trolley and a road cone in it, a pig flying and a rocking horse having a poo. I've called it Hook, Line and Sinker.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfJe8hQ8ha0
  11. Done and done. Still very disappointed in the misleading anti- campaign. Poor way of doing things.
  12. I was convinced to sign this petition as the development was described as a large, commercial, agricultural development. I know know far more about the project, and already have a good knowledge of the Crosspool Harvest. I am a Crookes resident, and strongly SUPPORT this application and project. I would like my name removing from this petition immediately and feel that the actual proposal by the farm is being grossly misrepresented by the anti- organisers, who appear to have taken a shameless approach to bringing a positive community project down.
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