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  1. i live in hilltop and it's really lovely. dronfield woodhouse looks nice too but there always seems to be gangs of kids outside the little shops there and it put me off looking at that side. i guess it depends what your after. i don't have kids so no idea about schools, although i hear they're good.
  2. i took food from supermarket bins a few years ago after i lost my home in london. i had cancer at the time and survival was much more important than whether it was legal or not or even what other people thought. one night a guy shouted at me to 'get an f ing job' which shows how narrow some people's view is. i'm educated and had a successful freelance career until i became seriously ill and my partner left me.
  3. I am running but i've no idea of the route ...i feel a little sad on hearing some of the comments above. it isn't just about raising money although this is vitally important, it is also about raising awareness and for many runners including myself it's personal. i ran my first race in 2004 in memory of my aunt who had died the year before of breast cancer. what made it an even more momentous event for me was that the previous year when i had said i was going to run, family and friends thought it was a joke. at the time i was over 15 stone and a size 22 ...i ran the race a year later at 9 stone and a size 10! this year it's even more personal as i am a cancer survivor myself now. please think a little before putting down events like this for some people it really is about life and death x
  4. we had shares in bullion vault from it's conception so got out while the going is still good leaving only a little in there to do what it will
  5. he's a two faced snooty **** who tried to persuade my husband not to marry me because i wasn't good enough , we ended up cancelling our wedding because of all the problems and eloping losing a lot of money in the process.
  6. well i wouldn't touch bullion vault with a bargepole but thats more due to a personal dislike of one of the co-owners rather than the business itself
  7. well my so called 'father' still lives in mine but once he's finally dead i shall have it knocked to the ground ...as forrest gump said "sometimes there aren't enough rocks"
  8. my husband is a magician and he's worked with bluebell wood before ....jared at city magicians 07703343789 x
  9. your not behind the times whatsoever. i personally find it terribly sad that children are being made to feel that somehow they aren't beautiful enough as they are and children in make-up really disturbs me as i find it akin to the sexualisation of children. to me pampering your child can be done in so much more positive ways than this ...what could be better than a lovely day out, treat them to their favourite food, play in the park or on the beach together and pamper them with your time and effort.
  10. i don't know dave or have any to sell but seeing this post made me realise that my golf ball collection i was saving from my garden has vanished ..thieving gits
  11. erm yes because i know of quite a few chavs from there who do
  12. i've just been looking at nottingham for postgrad and i was planning on commuting by train everyday so it's not impossible.
  13. it's hardly surprising for a park on the outskirts of killamarsh! i think there must be some chav breeding farm there
  14. if we have to wait till our youngest is a year old we'll be waiting a bloody long time.. we don't have any kids or any intention of having them and my hubby is just about to go and ask about 'the snip'. I hope it doesn't take long
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