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  1. Just how many police officers do you think there are? You'd be majorly shocked. When officers stop attending all but the most serious of incidents, they'll get an idea. Hence Lincolnshire Police talking about being close to going "bankrupt" Don't bother to reply. This is the first time I've logged on in about 18 months so probably won't read it.
  2. I don't come on here anymore, either. I've only returned to say how very sad I am to hear about John passing away. Steve, loads of love to you, it's so nice to see you again, just wish it was different circumstances. Your dad will be missed. I have some amazing memories of those days. I hope you're doing ok. Please pass on my love to John. I'm thinking about him. RIP RedRobbo. I'll flash you one last time!
  3. Red. I rarely come on here now, but when I do, I like to see how you're doing. I'm *so* glad you're doing well and going to enjoy some 'you' time with NBJ in retirement. Enjoy the northern lights! We saw them in Finland last year, they were ace. You have to be patient and stay up all night, though!! You're going just at the optimum time. Keep your eye on the space weather on the run up to your trip. Lots of love to you both. xxx
  4. I know I'm early, but I feel confident I'll make it to my * 6 year * anniversary next Tuesday. Hello Draggletail.....!
  5. A few years down the line, and it's now my favourite film....! Sorry, can you tell I'm remininsing over old threads from years ago?
  6. Aw bless you! Hope you're well. And wish I could get over! xx
  7. Hey up you. I rarely come on here anymore, but was thinking of you. Sorry I missed your birthday, and hope you're well. Will flash you tonight. Lots of love to you and NBJ. xxx
  8. "Balls! We want the finest wines available to humanity. And we want them here, and we want them now!" Withnail & I
  9. Thanks everyone, and well done to those that have stopped. Draggle, I always look forward to our once a year chats on here..... Bethsmummy, the book almost comes across as patronising sometimes, but it's great, I can't recommend it enough, just encourage your other half to stick with it, even if he's not enjoying the style.
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