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  1. I hope that's not one of them in there covered in snow
  2. You're right. In the interview with Denise Fergus, it seemed that Robert Thompson was the main perpetrator, and yet he hasn't been heard of since. My brother was a prison officer up to a couple of years ago. He says its easy to work out who's who, and why they're in. Obviously someone in for 40 months, and he'll be in segregation anyway. He's in the big boys jail now and his crimes are not going to win him friends. He could live next door to any of us on release and we wouldn't know.
  3. The wife had a rhubarb one last week in Norfolk. It tasted like those rhubarb and custard sweets I had as a kid, very sweet, never seen it here except for Rosies Pig
  4. Unless you have a full set of teeth then you won't get on
  5. Mercer will still only be 40 when he gets out. What kind of man will he be after 22 years minimum in prison, a better one or one with a PhD in crime. That little boy never even saw his teenage years.
  6. I went to the right place as its not far from where I live. An opinion isn't a vendetta, I simply posted that I found it not great, not sure why you feel so defensive about sausages. Its was you posting on a previous post about how great they were that we went in the first place
  7. I went there after I saw a post on here, I thought the sausage was dry and gristly and the skins split I bought some other stuff that was just avarage. Still the kids enjoyed looking at the hens
  8. I know I've worked too many hours I read that as more boobies on the beach
  9. Basil, LordChaverly, Slimsid2000 many more used to make me laugh. It used to be lively every night, even the arguments were funny not malicious like they can be now
  10. Exactly how many owls have you seen sitting on garden wall's, on a main road in rush hour traffic. The RSPB said as they are nocturnal more than likely there is a problem and sent someone to check
  11. I've just seen an owl sat on a wall, the RSPCA didn't want to know. I fully understand they have more urgent cases but didn't even offer any help. They just spoke as if its normal for owls to be sitting on garden walls on a main road.
  12. Im off up there tomorrow night so will see the layout better. The male has been amazing getting them this far on his own. GA hadn't made any attempt to go near the scrape but when they're flying round she might see them as a threat
  13. The HOT volunteers in Norwich say she's on the turrets and not on the ground. There is a video of the fledging and it clearly shows she flew off quite confidently. The HOT forum has posts from locals saying she's been photographed up on the spires and turrets, so not sure where the radio report came from.
  14. Two currently in the box, and one on the top
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