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  1. There's been too much moderator interference in my posts - deleted.
  2. Freesat for TV (who needs 170 channels?) and internet via ADSL using your land line connection is far cheaper.
  3. 'Always will be' can't be right as everything changes eventually. It was only 300 years ago that the highlands of Scotland was a mountanous country inhabited by warring tribes. The similarities between pre-union Highland Scotland and present day Afghanistan are striking,
  4. America was never going to win the war against Vietnam just because it was a long way from home and the US troops were fighting thousands of miles away while the Vietnamese were fighting for their homeland. If the US had used nuclear weapons they could have won, but who would use nuclear weapons against a third world country? It's the same with Afghanistan which will end in defeat for the foreign forces (us!). No one has ever won a war against the Afghanis.
  5. Needler's chocolate! I was in the same class at primary school in Hull with the heir to the Needlers empire. I think the company folded before he could take his place at the helm of the family company. Needlers chocolate was always a bit crap as the gaps between the squares were bigger than the squares themselves, so something of a rip off. They did have some interesting flavours though like lime and raspberry.
  6. Go to the area that was earmarked for redevelopment as the Sevenstone Project in the City Centre. The shops are all closed pending compulsory purchase orders, but the council have arranged pretend shop fronts in the windows of the closed shops so that Sheffield looks less like a third world hole than it is.
  7. That's a good and thought provoking question. As was said above, murder is usually a one off crime and serial killers are thankfully rare. Sex crime is more personal to the perpetrator and once a sex drive is established it's unlikely to go away, whether it's a perfectly legal preference like wanting sex with men or women or an illegal preference like wanting sex with children. I think this is why sex offenders are registered, because they are likely to re-offend and if the police know where they live it's easier for them to find them. I just hope that the police don't pin crimes on locally registered sex-offenders because it's the easy option.
  8. My son was on the Durrington Walls dig, he studied archaeology at Sheffield University. The Parker Pearson theory is that the whole Stonehenge area forms a 'ritual landscape'.
  9. If you buy a roasting joint from the popular butchers in Woodseats (whose name escapes me) they ask if you want a bit of fat for the roasting and throw it in for free. It's a decent butchers, that. It's not super high quality, just high quality, but for the price and service it can't be beaten locally.
  10. Check the South Yorkshire Police site. There's sure to be a report there if it was anything significant.
  11. Just put your paper in the black bin - problem solved. I like it that the blue bin is now used for bottles as I used to have to drive to the local recycling place to dump all my glass. It's far better that the council now pick it up and I'm sure they make good money out of all the bottles I recycle. Does anyone know how they separate the different colour glass as it all ends up as smashed pieces in the bin? The blue box is actually very handy for many other uses so hang on to it. It's good to have a good strong reusable box. I'm in the process of moving house and it's great for short trips to transport stuff to my new abode.
  12. When you see a supermarket half price bargain like something that is normally £1.00 for £0.50p, buy two thousand of them. You will then have saved £1000 which handily pays for the two thousand you have just bought. This way you spend no money and will soon be rich
  13. They missed out: Trainers dangling from telephone lines. People defending the owning of aggressive dog species. The badness of people who buy puppies rather than get some maladjusted attack dog from a rescue centre. The compulsory use of the word on meaning in.
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