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  1. You are absolutely right. We are still waiting places for people to give us a date to exchange contract. This date has been delayed for ages and they can't give a reason. But we have paid deposits and got the mortgage...no way to get back now. sigh.
  2. Thanks guys. We have decided to move to there. Well, at least we have paid the deposits to places for people. It seems they still have some contract problems with Gleenson. Not sure what it means. We have to be very patient and wait... To be fair, I don't like the idea of "rent to let", worrying what people they will bring in. But they said this program is not ready yet, who knows if they are lying?!
  3. Hi, we are going to buy a house at Breeze, Norfolk Park. Very lovely house... but it seems like a too new area for us. Wonder if anyone already bought it or lived in there? anything you could tell me about your experiences buying in breeze will be highly appreciated, any comment welcome...
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