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  1. If someone is listing items that potentially sell at around £5 then the £1 offer is of no use to them. If someone is listing a mixture of items-with a selling price of £5 and £25 respectively , I suppose it can get a bit tedius. I have never felt eBay keep things straight forward. If you are away from the selling side for a year or two, it can take a bit of time to get familiar with the changes.
  2. The £1 selling fee is the final value fee. If you opted for the £1 fv fee and still had to pay more than a pound, maybe your item was not in the included catagory?
  3. Message from ebay: "Yes, you read that correctly. Enjoy making more money when you sell with max £1 selling fees on up to 300 listings. Ends 21 June" I took this to mean that for every item you sell, you pay £1 for each item. So if you list and sell 300 items, you pay £300. I also assume the date of 21st June is a list by date, not a sell it by date.
  4. Quote: John Cleese has laid into the "cowardly and gutless and contemptible" BBC after an episode of Fawlty Towers was removed from a BBC-owned streaming platform. Article here: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-53020335 Cleese said, "The BBC is now run by a mixture of marketing people and petty bureaucrats."
  5. It is likely that whoever told you that on the phone is just assuming. Not everyone is that conscientious. It obviously means a lot to you. I would go up to the hospital in person, to the area/ department that had it. I had a similar situation where I was told one thing. Then, when I went down in person, my item was there in the draw. I hope you find it.
  6. What you describe sounds like anti-sociable behaviour. I'm not saying you should phone the police. But, If the police saw this I would think they would make them clear off.
  7. I had one about a week ago. The tracking info was all over the place, and caused more frustration than help. One eBay item delivered by Hermese a week earlier came quickly- in about 3 days. As my gates were locked it appears to have been tossed over the gates. Two of the items inside were broken, but the retailer had failed to put any packing material around the items. Delivery confirmation on ebay read "left in secure place". They used to be ok when a different guy was on the job in my area. Gone down hill since the new guy.
  8. @OP Have you actually seen the black birds doing this? The reason I ask is because I have had problems with Magpies. I have had young plants pulled from pots. When discussing this on a garden forum, many others described the nuisance that the Magpies have been to the plants.
  9. Apparently Joshua and Fury each have to face another opponent first. If the bout between Joshua/ Fury ever happens, I think Joshua will really struggle. I'm just thinking of what happened with Andy Ruiz, and the form that Fury has.
  10. Just seen in the news that Fury and Joshua may be having a match or two next year. That will be interesting. https://www.bbc.com/sport/amp/boxing/52997084
  11. By sending a cheque, companies are able to hang on to the money that little bit longer.
  12. What breed is the dog-it`s not a Whippet is it?
  13. In that case, I would like there to be world wide protests for this cause.
  14. Are the protests in the UK likely to have any effect in the USA? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52949014
  15. Some of the long durations that people queue for never fails to amaze me. Do they do it because they are bored? I don't mind waiting for a short while in a queue. In the case of Macdees, is the reason instant gratification? The irony though-it's not instant. It is referred to as fast food and it is not fast either.
  16. They have separate bins for plastic-even a bin for hard plastic and one for soft plastics at my local recycle site. Don't know about Sheffield sites. You can put them on freegle which is up running again. If shielding, leave them outside for whoever is collecting.
  17. Is this place of any help? https://www.changechecker.org/contact-us/
  18. Police have another suspect in their sights. A lot of the potential evidence could be circumstantial. But, this new line of enquury is being described as significant. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52914016
  19. I'm referring to a cheque paid in at my branch, not an imaged cheque.
  20. It may have been the case for a short while now, but it is good that banks have finally caught up with technology. A cheque paid in on Monday now appears as cleared funds on Tuesday.
  21. @QueenV It seems like your dog has developed a 'conditioned response' in respect of going inside a house while with the previous owners. Maybe she had basically been a yard dog, and was always berated /shown violence whenever she went inside the house.
  22. Have a look at post No 4, that may be of help. Keep in mind you need a phone number for verification purposes for WhatsApp to work. One that is not already in use with WhatsApp on a phone. I used the number of my spare payg phone for the verification process on the tablet.
  23. Hi Moonbird, and thank you for asking. I did try, but at the time I phoned the RSPCA I just got the answer machine message. I tried a couple of times. I also asked my friend if she knew anything about the procedure, as I know she took in a Staffy a while back-adopted not fostered. Maybe I am not trying hard enough, or possibly seeking info in the wrong places? Am still interested.
  24. "During lockdown the clothing chain has built up almost £2bn-worth of stock to sell, double its normal stockholding. However, bargain-hunters will be left disappointed after the firm said there would be no special discounting". It seems quite a bold statement about no discounting. An uncertain economy and double it's normal stock levels. I think there will be some discounts later on at some point. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52874532
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