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  1. This is not a problem, just my curiosity to understand how things work. Normally, as far as I am aware, after an application has downloaded and saved on the PC, there is no need for an internet connection. I must be wrong in my thinking, at least in respect of this particular application. Why do some applications still need a connection to install?
  2. I called in the one at Parkgate last week. While I was waiting to pay for some slippers, I looked at the men's socks on a rack at the side of me. 5 pairs of 70% cotton rich socks for £2! I got some to try, and they were some of the most snug and comfortable socks I have worn. I think they must be a loss leader or something similar. If not, how much do the women get paid in the factory, how much do Primart pay, and how much profit do Primart make on an item like that? Hard to imagine how they do it.
  3. I'm assumimg it is not a problem with Hermese, changing the postcode for the correct one after the sale? I got a post code of a village 2.5miles from John O'Groates, and the price is reasonable. Should be okay. I stated in the listing no delivery to the islands off Sconny Botland
  4. If there are any horse owners on here, could you advise me please. Can you recommend where I might try to obtain a full size bale of straw? When I phone farms they tend not to answer the phone-maybe out in the fields most of the time at this time of year.
  5. Thanks for these replies, I`l give it a try.
  6. I have a parcel to send within the UK. It is being listed on ebay so as yet I don`t know the location of potential buyer. I need to know postage cost so that bidders can see what it will cost. I know the weight and dimensions. If I go on the Hermese site for a price the system will request a post code. I think someone on here mentioned that you can put any post code in to get the price. I don`t know if this is correct information?? If I put a random post code in Hermese system and then change it when I know the exact destination, isn`t this likely to cause problems? Would appreciate advice if anyone knows.
  7. Assuming adequate signal. Example: Imagine I am travelling to a destination that is 15m away. I know the route up to 13 miles without guidance. At 13 miles I stop the car and turn my phone's data on, and enter the destination in to Google maps. Should Google maps detect my precise location so that it can guide me the final 2 miles-just as a normal sat nav would?
  8. I am wanting to get some pig manure locally. It's good for mixing in when composting waste. Can anyone advise where I could source some please?
  9. They have it reduced at Wilkos. 4 quid. https://ibb.co/d4L9tt2
  10. It is easy to criticise or ridicule things that we don't understand. I like to look beyond the interest. Get to know the type of people with different unusual or eccentric interests. There has been over 13,000 views of the topic. Myself and Metalcliff are up for a bit of digging, preferably in the Rotherham area. Either PM me or email Metalcliff.
  11. Thanks. Where might an example of that feature be seen?
  12. How has this pic been put on the post? without a link Corosio has been working his magic. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/472749-whats-this-bug-on-apple-tree-leaves/
  13. Hi, You can put your photo on a hosting site you can post the link on your post. There are some photos on this garden forum so there is probably a way to do it.
  14. Did you intend posting a photo link of them with your OP?
  15. I am in need of some large plastic plant pots. Ideally 7.5Lt size, but will consider a tad smaller . The size is marked on the base. I will observe the current covid rules as announced 14th June on SF at the top of this page. Thank you.
  16. A friend in Tinsley has phoned me today, and has asked if I know where he can get his dentures repaired. I have no idea, but assured him I will try to find out and get back to him. Having never had dentures I need to ask on here. Do dentists repair them or do they have to be sent some place for the repair-clueless?
  17. @El Cid How does the cleaning ability compare to the Oral B brushes? They are made by Braun Germany.
  18. This is an in depth site for these sort of vessels. https://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels/HMM-ALGECIRAS-IMO-9863297-MMSI-351297000
  19. This is the same as I have said at post 7. It is a choice of one or the other if you cannot toddle between the two.. If a person lists both low and high value items in the same day.
  20. @Waldo Are you saying that once the offer is activited, let's say for the £50 items, then it can turned off while you list the 50p items? Basically on and off at will depending on estimated FVF.
  21. My curiosity is the return journey. I'm pondering what the Chinese could want/need from the UK. They make just about everything. I think Scotch whisky will be in one or two of them containers when it leaves the UK. You could fit a lot of bottles in a container. Also engineering equipement. Maybe more plastic injection moulding set-ups for making stuff for our pound shops. 2 years ago the UK exported over 2 billion pounds worth of good to China according to this link. https://commonslibrary.parliament.uk/research-briefings/cbp-7379/
  22. These vessels always interest me-the massive amount of goods that they transport. The HMM Algesciras is 400m long and over 60m wide. One shipping container is quite large. In the photos they look like match boxes. The ship is delivering a variety of goods at DP World London Gateway in Thurrock, and has already called at S Korea, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The vessel is due to leave Britain on Monday taking UK goods back to China via Singapore. It would be interesting to know what those goods are. The UK needs those exports more than ever. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/gallery/hmm-algesciras-moment-worlds-largest-4224847
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