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  1. The billionaires have apparently done very well during the pandemic https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54446285 @nightrider I too feel we will see significant changes in society as a consequence. Hard to say at the moment specifically how that will manifest it's self.
  2. I have been doing a wall project for a while now. I only buy one or two bags of cement at a time. Even if I return to the retailer after only two weeks, the price is invariably different. It's as though they make the price up as they choose. There is new place opened in Canklow selling building and garden materials, so am going to check it out this afternoon. Where do you buy your cement from, and do you find the price is consistent?
  3. It has been reported that it is the first time in the company's 25 year history that Easyjet has not made a profit. Apparently they are facing losses of more than £800 million. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54454202
  4. Anna B, Do you know if there are details online about the clubs and societies?
  5. When the rat control service was free of charge from the council, I always believed that it was in their interest to be that way. Maybe I am wrong to assume that? Are there consequences for local authorities, if the rat population multiplies greatly?
  6. Sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I figured this is the nearest to my request. I am currently reading one by Simon Weston. I picked it up for about 50p from a charity shop a while back. Not been reading it very long. I'm about half way through, so it must be kind of ok. Childhood to just before joining the army was a tedious section. Getting better now the action is about to start. Was thinking about Richard Branson's AB next? Certainly I would welcome any that others can recommend please. Thank you.
  7. Even if there is no reducton in benefits, it would not surprise me if the government put a freeze on the usual increase. Is UC the umbrella term for a multitude of benefits?-For example ESA in all it's variations and amounts that differ depending on the group a claiment is in?
  8. When RR initiates the 'rights issue' that is planned, all their shares are diluted and are then worth even less.
  9. The PM is currently urging people to go to the cinema. Is that wise advice at this time? https://www.bbc.com/news/business-54387856
  10. There is speculation that RR 'could' be broken up. They are already trying to offload their Marine facilities. Some of their engine maintenence contracts that have formerly been lucrative, have not made them a profit. They have actually cost them money. This was due to a run on faults. The government has bailed RR out a few years ago.
  11. 😂The financial markets have now given the company junk status.
  12. I wonder what circumstances someone would pay the £33, then not go ahead. Maybe just for advice? It is run like a business now as opposed to a service.
  13. Thats's £132 with the call out fee for rats. That is a service that used to be free with RMBC. Me & the neighbour had them out at least 8 years ago. It will probably be the same as Sheffield now. First a reduction in bin collections, and rats as well. Makes me wonder why we are paying more C tax for a much reduced service.
  14. Edit:Sheffield council do charge for dealing with rats, unless on qualifying benefits. Thanks Nikki.
  15. Of course. But in this situation, if such vacancies exist the true figure of jobs for the chop are not very accurate figures.
  16. What a mess eh? There must be a massive hole in the revenue that the government is receiving now from income tax & vat. Big businesses going bust may well have an effect on private and workplace pensions. What next? A reduced state pension and also unemployment benefits?
  17. That is the one on Brightside Lane. It sounds like the redeployment will be at the same place where the redundancies are
  18. Aside from the voluntary redundancies, I was reading that some employees may be redeployed. This relates to the news that 90 'job reductions' are planned. I am only familiar with the plant at the Brightside Lane area. Are there other Forgemaster plants in the Sheffield area, for the displaced employees to be redeployed at internally? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-54369693
  19. @Becky B Are both carparks at Morrisons currently being used for NHS staff only? I've not been this year. @Michael_N Probably ok if living in Sheffield. From Rothetham I understand it would be 6 buses including the return, and the time factor to consider.
  20. I read about this earlier in the week. The man was found by police, laying on the path under the bridge on Prince of Wales road. He had life threatening injuries. This happened on Saturday. I thought there might have been an update on here. Hope he is okay. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-54316294
  21. Engine maker Rolls Royce are falling like a stone. One of their major incomes is revenue from flying hours of aircraft that are fitted with their engines. Apparently many aircraft are now being put in to storage. RR are intending to try and raise £2 billion from share holders.
  22. I seem to recall that they were something people roasted on November 5th bonfire night. Not sure how soon they appear in the supermarkets.
  23. I can't help thinking that this is likely to offend some members of the black community. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-54344961
  24. On one occasion in 2017 I drove from Rotherham and parked at Firth Park. Then got a taxi from there up to the hospital, as I knew what the hospital parking was like. Taxi back to car after appointment. I reckon it is maybe a mile each way. Not having to pay for parking offsets part of the taxi fee. Not expensive, and is stress free.
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