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  1. The battery in my digital video camera does not seem to last long at all. I got two with the camera. I was wondering if it is possible to buy a better quality battery if i pay a bit more and get one that lasts considerably longer. Or, are they all pretty much the same? What make of battery is good if there is a quality one available? The battery looks very similar to a phone battery i.e oblong shape and flat, although i would say it is half the thickness.The battery details read: 3.7v 1050mAh Thanks
  2. What is the difference between digital & optical zoom on a camcorder? Thanks
  3. Ruby, Halloween night is Sat 31st not Friday??
  4. I took some footage with the digi camera of moving objects. As the footage plays on the PC (in the Arcsoft software bundled with the cam) there is a useful option to capture stills which i did.The footage is recorded in MPEG4. These stills open fine on the PC. I noticed that they are in Bitmap format though. I want to upload to a site that only excepts JPEG files. When i click on the "properties" then click on "change" i do not see an option to change to JPEG. Can it be done & how? Thanks.
  5. Do any grape growers know why i only get very small grapes on my vine each year? I have got it in the green house in a bucket of good soil. I have had it about 2 1/2 years. It gets black grapes on each year, but they are about the size of peas.
  6. I understand the idea of paying fees if a court case is lost, but paying the fees when you win just seems so wrong.
  7. I was amazed to come by this article, especially not having heard anything on the news. It makes me wonder what illegitimate practices the government will steam roller through next. Anyway i`ve signed the petition for what its worth. http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=20842
  8. Well your keeping me up at the moment (and your stopping me from drifting to bed), so i must go and leave you with the dwarfs.
  9. Yer must be one hell of a multi-tasker is what i say
  10. Thirty four thousand seven hundred and fifteen posts woman-how do you find the time to earn a bad reputation?
  11. Hey Pattrica -arr just uploaded mar new avitar for yer-its kinda cute but nothin to get all shook up about-what yer say we make one fine handsome couple?
  12. That is correct Pattrica-not with all that lubrication. Is the answer Mae West (with the assistance of google) http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/8/messages/758.html
  13. YOU have good judgement my man, but she is as Sheffield as stainless steel
  14. I think she`s quoting a blonde woman...Marilyn maybe ??
  15. Here is my steady http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee334/DENNPICTURES/Gorgeos1.jpg I will have to sneek out.... and here are the answers to tonights pic quiz Pic1 I was stood on Tinsley viaduct (middle deck) Pic 2 I was sat INSIDE Imrans eating chicken breast & potato wedges.
  16. Yep, its a picture quiz, and the answers will appear here at 23.55hrs tonight Is that avitar a picture of you Pattricia? If so you look very nice-you could be my Janus goddess
  17. Where was i exactly when i took these pics in Sheffield today http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee334/DENNPICTURES/181009A.jpg http://i533.photobucket.com/albums/ee334/DENNPICTURES/181009.jpg Arrr now it works
  18. I like to use NERO. I have a Nero software disc that apparently came free with a mag about 3 years ago. It is good for putting my mps files on to discs to play in the car etc. It also worked well for putting music vids on to disc if I wanted to watch them on my TV. I have just tried to load an AVI (music vid) file in to Nero and it is not supported. So, I converted the file to MPEG-4 and it still says not supported. I get a message from Nero telling me that the facility has expired (I didn’t know these discs expire in the same way that Norton Anti-Virus does for example). Anyway, I was then sent to their website and the offer price to upgrade is about £40. I don’t mind buying a disc even at that price, but I do not want to be paying out every year to get the latest upgrades to permit me to continue using Nero-I don’t use it all that much. So, here are my questions to the people on here that know about this stuff: Should I get the upgrade for £40? Will it be indefinite use, or will it expire after 12 months? If I do buy it, will it support ALL or more file type than the original free version disc did? Should I start afresh and buy a new Nero disc from the PC shop/or online/ebay etc? If I am willing to payout as indicated, should I be looking at alternative software, and if so which?
  19. Thanks Ghostrider.I better confirm with the seller that a software disc is included with the item.
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