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  1. 👍

    Here is one of the rolling mill in action at the Shepcote lane plate mill. All closed down now.


    I don't know how many remember the stainless steel bison at the Shepcote lane site. It was mounted on a large concrete block on the the Avesta site (Outokumpu), and clearly viewable from the M1 motorway.

    I last saw it over ten years ago  in the yard around the back of  Magna. It's a while since I was round there, so don't know if it is still there.

    Here are some photos of the bison being removed from the original concrete block. I can imagine that it may have been a bit of a distraction for 'rubber neckers' on the M1. It's not often you see a bison dangling from a crane.






  2. I like the idea of the village post office.

    The post office has existed for a few hundred years. I think the biggest changes responsible for it's demise have been in more recent times.

    No longer taxing the car there, benefits not paid by giro, many state pensions paid in to a bank, can no longer buy premium bonds  there, stamps available in some shops-like Wilkos. Emails must have had a massive impact on letters/stamps.  I don't know if postal orders are still available-cheques are easier and free.

    The banking App too will have played it's part, and probably contributed to the closure of many high street bank branches. I'd like to see the post office continue, but I  don't know if that will happen.

    A bit of interesting post office history here:

  3. Derbyshire is a pleasant part of the world. I've never been to Whitwell.


    The new Asda in your area sounds good. There will be no need for a separate cafe, with the instore Greggs. The new Asian food counter will be a welcome and complimentary aspect. The Tesco extra at Savile St/Spital hill had an Asian food counter. Unsure if that counter is still there. 



  4. When I first saw the trees 10th Oct, the figs that remained on the tree were green. I don't know if that is the colour of ripe figs. They looked large enough though to justify picking. Can figs be ripened at home:huh:


    Regardless of the location  of the parent trees, there is always the opportunity to take cuttings, and  plant in an appropiate final growing position when large enough. 


    I  read that throwing rubble etc in to the planting hole is helpful. Apparently this restricts root growth and results in  good crops of the figs. Seems strange but true. 

  5. I refused to have one fitted.


    As an aside,  i also feel that paying a charge for the meters for most of your life should be abolished. How much does that amount to over the course of a lifetime? Utility companies should pay for meters out of their profits.

  6. I've been planting some fig cuttings. Not tried this before, but have heard it is easy to get them to root.


    If anyone is interested in gathering some cuttings and having a go,  there is a row of these trees opposite the part- demolished Guest & Chrimes building adjacent to the police station. The trees have had fruit on them, so are suited to the climate.

  7. @PopT

    It is dissapointing after making the effort to get a genuine Bosch part. 


    If you cannot get it to work after trying the suggesions above, you could try a different type of switch. Maybe something from an old Flymo.


    As long as it clamps to the tubing, and the gubbins inside is  rated for the wattage of the motor of your mower.


    I fitted a domestic light switch on my old Fymo. Not suggesting you do this as mower switches are safety switches. I am the only one that uses my mower.

  8. Hi Jim,

    I was experiencing the random pricing for the last 2 years. I think some places just try it on.


    Regarding body filler, I used to buy one called  "U Pol C" from a shop on Attercliffe.  The shop was also selling panels, sills etc.  It was on the the right hand side when heading to Sheffield from Tinsley. I think it may have closed down now. It may have been called Melbros? ?

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